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Roman Catholic
Individual testimonies from Roman Catholic clergy and religious
Archbishop Frane Franic
The retired Archbishop of Split speaks of Vassula
Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi
Speaks on why the Messages of True Life in God are so important
Father Nobuo Masakawa, Claretian Missionaries Priest
My Road to Conversion Through My True Spiritual Director
Bishop Joao Evangelista Terra
An important address at a prayer meeting in Brazil
Bishop Ramon C. Arguelles
Recommends True Life in God to Filipino migrants
Fr. Emiliano Tardif
"It is certainly the Lord who speaks to her"
Fr Michael O´Carroll
Theologian and member of the Pontifical Marian Academy
Fr Michael O´Carroll
"It is easy to see why her books have caused so many striking conversions."
Fr. Rene Laurentin
Well known Theologian and investigator of Medjugorje and countless other apparitions and charisms
Fr. Rene Laurentin
Fr. Laurentin responds to Vassula´s detractors
by Fr. Dr. Michael Kaszowski
Unity According to the Second Vatican Council and Vassula Ryden
Sr. Rooney & Fr. Faricy
"Through your reading, Jesus can lead you to know Him better, and to love Him more, and to follow Him more closely."
Fr. Ljudevit Rupcic, OFM
Theologian, Professor of Exegesis, Author
Father Petr Šimara from Czech Republic
Testimony - Dublin 2019