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Stations of the Cross

Meditations from True Life in God

I am God, creature, be at My Stations. Desire Me only, at every Station; I stand at every Station; I will be at the Stations of My Cross, and I want you there; I want you to kneel at My Stations.(May 29th, 1987)

1. Jesus is condemned to death by Pilate
(Mt 27.26; Mk 15.15; Jn 19.16)

Soon, and that is your soon, when you will be covered by your own blood, I as Judge then, will remind you of the blood you were carrying on your hands for having prohibited so many to receive My graces through this Reminder of My Word - you are as the Romans, crowning Me with thorns daily. Are you going to say then as Pilate: "I am innocent of this blood" and wash you hands in perfumed water? You refuse to accept the antidote of death, you refuse to acknowledge My Word given by My Holy Spirit in your days... (January 19th, 1995)