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The Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary

Meditations from True Life in God

1. The Resurrection (Mt 28.1-15 ; Mk 16.1-18 ; Lk 24.1-12 ; Jn 20.1-28)

"Lord of lords, unction of our soul, Light thrice holy, You deified Your divine Body while on earth through Your Resurrection, turning It spiritual and incorruptible; You conquered all material things of the earth; You triumphed over Death; You created a Revelation1 for all eternity; Lover of mankind, You are the living God who gave us Your Bride2 in which She upholds the Truth and keeps it safe; ah, Light thrice holy, You were made visible in flesh, to show us the Father; the Father who is in You and that You are in Him;’…" (31.12.2000)

1 The Holy Bible
2 The Church

2. The Ascension (Lk 24.39-53 ; Mk 16.19-20 ; Ac 1.6-9)

"Stay loyal to Me and yearn for all that is Me to efface all that is you; annihilate all that is you by absorbing all that is Me pray for the conversion of souls, pray for peace, love and unity, remember, My Love is Infinite, a Love no man can understand fully on earth. I bless you, turn to Me and bless Me" (20.7.90)

3. Pentecost (Ac 1.14 - 2.47)

"My Holy Spirit repetitively uttered sayings to all of you sweeter than honey even than honey that drips from the comb; I have been perfuming all the cosmos anointing all My creation; I have been allowing everyone who wished to know Me, approach Me and inhale from My Mouth the graces they need to keep their soul tranquil and their heart grafted on Me and My Law ... who could give any soul such tranquility and freedom, other than My Holy Spirit? who could lift your soul in the Divine other than My benevolence and the ineffable condescension of My Love?" (7.8.02)

4. The Assumption (Ap 2.11)

"My Mother’s Immaculate Heart is united to Mine, I desire from each one of you the devotion Her Immaculate Heart deserves, you see daughter how Our Divine Hearts are covered by thorns from men who only show Us ingratitude, sacrilege, lack of love, it is the whole of their sins. Vassula, I who is the Word love and respect Her, I desire you to approach My Mother and honour Her as I honour Her; I desire that every knee bends honouring Her, I desire you to pray the Rosary and Hail your Holy Mother, I want you to repair your sins, asking Her to teach you" (25.1.88)

5. The Coronation of Mary in Heaven (Ap 12.1 )

"...She is the Queen of Heaven, She is My Mother and your Mother, the loveliest of women, beautiful as Heaven, radiant as My Glory, unique in Her Perfection, the Delight of My Soul, She is the Woman with the twelve stars on Her Head for a crown, the Vessel of My Glory, a Reflection of My Eternal Light; She is the One whose Presence in My Courts outshines all the constellations put together; She is the Vessel of the True Light, The Word, made flesh, and who lived among you" (11.11.93)

"look, not only have I assigned Her as the Queen of My Angels and My creatures but I have assigned Her to be My Throne;" (25.3.96)