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“find Me in simplicity of heart;”
TLIG Messages, July 8, 1989)

Vassula in Germany – Munich, May 27, 2018

Report Part II

Painting of Jesus by Vassula with original handwriting

In May 2018, God blessed Germany once more in a most special way by sending Vassula back to share His ‘love hymn,’ True Life in God, in two major cities.  This country with about eighty-one million inhabitants received Vassula for the first time in 2011.  During this recent visit, she spoke first in Berlin, the capital of Germany, located in Prussia, the north eastern part of the country.  Her visit to Munich in Bavaria, in the south, near the Austrian border, followed her visit in Berlin.

 In her visit to Munich on May 27, 2018, Vassula addressed a very attentive assembly of over three hundred persons.

In Munich - the audience listens to Vassula's speech


In Munich - A wide-shot image of the audience

Due to the special way in which this visit to Munich transpired, we remind ourselves of the extent of what God’s providence is able to accomplish if our will is attentive in cooperating with His.  Initially, a visit to Munich was not at all in the plan.  The event organizers focused only on Berlin for Vassula’s speaking engagement.  At one moment during the planning phase, some of the organizers strongly opposed the suggestion for a meeting in Munich as a second presentation.  They assumed that there were no active TLIG advocates in Munich; that the city was a torment to all that concerns True Life in God, and additionally, the funds would not cover the costs for an event in both cities.

So, in prayer, we asked God to enlighten us with His Spirit of discernment.  Jesus tells us in the True Life in God messages to always ask for His Spirit of discernment so as to enable us to see with His Spirit; to differentiate His will from our subjectivity.  When one is privileged to work for God’s Glory, it is essential to discern His will and to fulfill it, regardless of our human ambitions.

Within days, when I shared the idea of a Munich event with a TLIG friend, it turned-out that she knew a TLIG advocate in Munich.  She offered to contact him to ask if he had an interest in inviting Vassula to give a presentation in Munich.  And so it came about.  In fact, this young man whom she contacted, Jabo, showed such a great interest in having Vassula speak, that he become the main organizer.  He had moved to Germany with his family twenty years ago as a refugee during the war in Iraq, after spending some time in Greece.  He and his family belong to the Chaldean Catholic community and are well-integrated into the German way of life, very grateful for the safety and opportunity Germany offered them in their time of crisis.

Jabo heard about TLIG one day while walking in Munich.  Someone on the street handed him a TLIG flyer with the picture of Jesus.  He was very touched by this image and began to read the TLIG messages on the internet at  He immediately recognized the word of God.  Ever since this exposure, he 'can't let go of Jesus and the desire to serve the Lord.  The greater Glory of God has become his life, as he shared later on.  Through him we learned that there is a thriving TLIG prayer group in Munich that meets for prayer in a chapel.  This group consists of people from several nationalities: including Germans, Iraqis, Ethiopians, Greeks and others.

Before confirming Vassula’s invitation, Jabo wanted to ask the prayer group members if they would agree to help organize it, even though no one in the group had ever done such a thing.  They were thrilled, of course, to have Vassula visit Munich.

Jabo’s intention was to have Vassula speak to the Chaldean community which celebrates the Divine Liturgy in Aramaic, their language of prayer, next to Arabic.  They have about three thousand members in Munich with two priests from Iraq serving them.  These priests knew about True Life in God through Jabo, and offered him the huge community church as a venue for Vassula’s presentation, suggesting that she speak immediately after the Liturgy on Sunday, May 27, 2018.  This heart-felt invitation was more than expected, but gladly accepted.

Vassula immediately agreed to visit both cities: Berlin and Munich.  Her acceptance was certainly the ‘final sign’ toward understanding that God wished her to speak to the people in Munich.  Although she was given an invitation to speak in the church, she advised us to look for an alternative meeting hall as plan B, in case the clergy changed their minds about the invitation.  Vassula’s insight in this matter is certainly due to her many years of experience as the ‘bearer of God’s Messages.'

Despite the fact that the True Life in God messages have the seal of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church: the Nihil Obstat and the Imprimatur, she is not always welcomed with open arms by clergy who at times, at the last minute before a meeting, withdraw their initial permission to speak in a church.

A few weeks before the planned event, we finally realized that Vassula’s advice should never be taken lightly!  Once the flyers for the talk had been printed and partially published with the address of the church, the local German bishop and his entourage approached the Chaldean priests, advising them to reconsider their intention to have Vassula speak in the church.  Surprised and concerned at this reaction, the Chaldean priests informed Jabo of this development.  It was understood that the Chaldean priests were to adhere to this request, since they too were only 'guests' in this church.  This news raised questions and confusion as to why the church was now taking back an already received invitation.  This was also a major set-back for the local organizers who had no prior experience in preparing for such an event and all that it entails.  However, many prayer vigils gave them an unwavering trust in God’s providence, and a courageously enduring spirit to continue without irritation.  They did not allow themselves to be intimidated by anything that would discourage God’s Will from being accomplished.  Plan B was thus in full force, the looking for this alternative place where Vassula could speak without obstacles.  After a lengthy search, the Hofbraeukeller in Munich agreed to host the event: a well-known, historical and typical Bavarian beer garden restaurant, where people meet for leisure, watching football and enjoying traditional Bavarian food and beer.  The conference hall was on the first floor.  The staff was very hospitable to the TLIG organizers, with their many questions and needs, despite serving hundreds of guests throughout the day until closing hours.

The organizers printed new flyers featuring the new venue.  The prayer group members distributed one thousand flyers in Munich: on the streets and at the city’s pedestrian areas. They placed posters on every permitted public area.  Simultaneously, they sent about fifty personal invitations to the heads of clergy of every Christian denomination in Munich and the surrounding areas, as well as to non-Christian leaders, including muftis and rabbis from the Muslim and Jewish faiths.  Through a press release sent to about a hundred media representatives in the region, they invited the press to attend the event.  The organizers worked hard, right-up to the day of the event; God could now do the rest.

Vassula arrived from Berlin, together with Fr. Rolf Schoeneberger who accompanied her for this mission in Germany.  The overjoyed organizers welcomed them on May 27, 2018 at the Munich airport.  After having some refreshments at the hotel, they attended Sunday Liturgy with the Chaldean Catholic community at their church.  Fr. Rolf concelebrated with the Iraqi priests who sang the Liturgy in Aramaic, which sounded mystical and beautiful.  Before the Liturgy’s dismissal, the local priest welcomed Vassula in Arabic and in German, and introduced her to the assembly.  Then, Fr. Rolf announced Vassula’s talk, inviting the congregation to attend the presentation that afternoon; he asked them to come and listen to what God has to say to this generation.  He did this so very well!

The meeting started at 4 p.m.  The hall was full with over three-hundred people.  Extra chairs had to be set-up.  Excited people of all races, nationalities and ages, with smiles and expressions of both expectation and awe, clergy and lay people alike, waited to hear what True Life in God means.  They came from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Serbia, Greece, Iraq, Iran, Ethiopia, Italy, Hungary, France, Eritrea, The Netherlands, Croatia, Peru, and from the Roma community.

It was a very joyful welcome with clapping and cheers as Vassula entered the hall.  Some oriental women gave their traditional cheers of joy, as they customarily do at weddings and other happy occasions.  It was a very warm welcome indeed!  It took some time to calm-down the crowd before the meeting could begin.  Next to the simultaneous translation into German, the speech was also translated over headsets into Aramaic so as to accommodate our Aramaic community hosts.

After welcoming Vassula, Fr. Rolf, and the assembly, the meeting began with everyone praying the Our Father Prayer in Aramaic.  It was accompanied with music and the words of the prayer projected on screen.  Fr. Rolf spoke briefly, introducing himself, sharing that he has known Vassula and True Life in God for the past thirty years, even before he was ordained a priest.  He sees it as his God-given duty and mission to accompany Vassula whenever he is asked to do so.  He shared that Vassula has been travelling around the world, by invitation, since 1988.  She has spoken in over eighty-six countries, giving more than fifteen hundred presentations and receives no personal royalties, fees, or benefits for her efforts, or for the book sales.  Jesus told her that He gave freely, so she too is to give freely!  He said that the True Life in God messages enjoy the approval of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church through the Nihil Obstat and the Imprimatur, indicating that nothing in the TLIG messages contradicts Sacred Scripture and church teaching.  He explained that God has always sent His messengers, the prophets, to remind us of our true foundation and to warn us that God will not allow us to forever offend His Holy Name.  If the world continues to live without Him, it becomes self-destroying in its apostasy.  This apostasy provokes His Holy Justice to fall on us.  Prophecies foretold to Vassula, like the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City, the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, and the fall of communism in Russia, have all occurred.

In Munich - Fr. Rolf

After hearing about prophecies, we saw an amazing fifteen-minute introductory video in which Vassula shared the beginnings of her experience in 1985, while living in Bangladesh.  She spoke of her Guardian Angel Daniel who prepared her to meet God. God the Father approached her even though she hadn't thought of Him for many years, while she was living a successful, worldly life as an expat, attending to her husband and two children, while painting, playing tennis, enjoying cocktail parties and modeling clothes as a hobby.

Her story helps us to learn about God and His approach to us.  She continued by explaining that God is not as complicated and unapproachable as we often make Him out to be.  God does not wait until we are saints to start caring for us; He wishes us to approach Him as we are.  He will make us into saints by shaping us, if we are willing.  God wishes us to find Him in simplicity of heart, with a child-like faith.  We need to approach Him without fear and seek intimacy with him.  He desires of us, however, to never forget that He is Holy.  We can love God and have a personal relationship with Him if we come close and get to know Him.  Once we get-to-know who He really is and feel the loving heart of our real Father, we will fall into His Arms and never let go.  He is the source of sublime love.

She shared her experience of when God the Father approached her for the first time. When she heard His voice, she felt Him as a real Father: loving, very gentle, compassionate and paternal.  It felt as if she had awakened from amnesia recognizing her real Father.  God Almighty, the Alpha and the Omega, is our real and first Father.  He is a personal and universal God.  We are of royal descent since this King of Kings is our Father, and yet so motherly.  Thus, we have a responsibility to behave like the children of the Most High, not like children of the beast (devil).  He is calling us out of Love, asking for a return of love and to tell us that all is not well in the manner we are living today.

In Munich - Vassula sitting as she presents her talk

Vassula’s speech lasted about two hours.  With every word that she uttered, one could feel love, simplicity and real gentleness.  It came from the depth of her soul.  Jesus was undoubtedly shining through her, making us feel how loving God really is in His approach to us.  Despite the seriousness of His call, the hall was filled with this love and joy that was reflected through her presence.  Her appeal indeed was the manifestation of God’s own Words in the Messages.  He told Vassula that she will be the only sign of the Messages’ authenticity.  Through her He will speak, act and show Himself to this generation.  All of this happens without any sensationalism, with simplicity of heart and humility!  It is awe inspiring indeed!

She also said that when God speaks today, he speaks to each one of us.  Therefore, when reading the Messages we should remove her name and replace it with our own name.  At the moment we read them, God is speaking to us personally through the True Life in God messages.

She reminded the assembly that the world has become more violent and more evil; natural disasters have become more powerful and nature is rebelling against us, against our wickedness.  The world is destroying itself, due to its apostasy.  It no longer has a place for God, and refuses to give glory to God.  Instead, it glorifies itself, playing God.  Satan is deceiving the world with the same lie in which he deceived Eve, claiming we do not need God because we can be gods ourselves.  The times we are living in are Satan’s hour, but God is here too, speaking to us, desiring us to listen to Him this time and choose to walk with Him.

The Father says in a message: “I look at the earth today and wish I never did … My Eyes see what I never wanted to see and My Ears hear what I dreaded to ever hear! My Heart, as a Father sinks with grief; I fashioned man in the likeness of My Image, yet they have degraded themselves and today, so many of them have taken the likeness of the Beast!” (TLIG Messages, April 15, 1996)  And in another, He says: “My Heart pains Me, my child, for I see to the ends of the earth and what I see is not according to My Heart’s desires…” (TLIG Messages, October 18, 1994)

Then she read part of a message that our Holy Mother Mary imparted: “the world has grown cold, icy cold, . . . the world is dead to love, it lies in deep obscurity because hatred, greed and selfishness dominate the entire earth all the way to its core; I am shaken by terrible sights, with the iniquities of this dark world and the apostasy that penetrated in the sanctuary itself, the disasters, famine, afflictions, war and plague, all these are drawn by you; the earth is autodestructing itself and it is not God who gives you all these disasters as many of you tend to believe; God is Just and all Merciful, but evil draws evil;” (TLIG Messages, May 15, 1990)

 Vassula explained that many people these days have become cold toward the love of God; others go to church out of habit or out of tradition so as to feel good toward God.  They say that they believe in God, but have lost the real roaring flame of love within them.  Their flame is about to die.  The Lord once said, “My seed is filled up with dead words.” (cf. TLIG Messages, March 27, 1987; April 9, 1988)

She reminded us again that the Lord is calling each one of us to a personal relationship with Him.  God wants us to speak to Him from our heart.  Jesus said: “come and get to know Me and you will love Me,”(TLIG Messages, March 8, 1987)  To fully obtain this relationship, we have to lower our voice so that we hear His voice, lower our head so that we see His Head and, lower ourselves entirely, so that He can lift us.  The key to this unity with God and one another is humility and love.  The less we are in our ego, the more He can be.  She shared this message:“your Father rules everything, but not your freedom … and man has perverted his freedom…” (TLIG Messages, October 18, 1994) 

She explained that God’s biggest rival is our will.  The Lord says that we must put Him first by being nothing and annihilating ourselves, dying not only to sins and passions, but also to our ego and our will.  He will never violate our freedom.  That’s why He asks us to offer Him our will on a daily basis, so He can mold and form us as He wishes us to be.  Only by asking Him to form us, will we become a shining light in this dark world.  Then, in an elevated state of grace we will be transfigured into a perfect image of God, because all our undertakings will be done without any flaw, since they will be divine and according to God’s Mind and Will.  She continued that God said one day: “fear Me only if you rebel against Me;” (TLIG Messages, June 4, 1987)

If God descends from His Throne to talk to us, it is because as our Father He is worried about us.  Jesus’ love is so ineffably great and amazing that he cannot remain silent and hold Himself back; His love compels Him to rush to us.  He cannot wait any longer.  He sends our Blessed Mother all over the world to bring us back to a Life in God, for He is truly our Savior.  He said once: “I am your Salvation, child! and you, you are My adopted one! So lean on Me!” (TLIG Messages, June 29, 1994)

On June 2, 1991, Jesus said: “I do not come by force upon you with My Holy Spirit to violate your liberty, nor do I come to condemn you; I come to you out of Mercy to give you freely the fullest Knowledge of My Will … I do not come to add new things into that which has been given you already, but I come to place My Kingdom in the middle of your hearts;” (TLIG Messages, June 2, 1991)

In Munich - Vassula Standing as she presents her speech

Vassula explained that God urgently asks us to repent, to change our lives and to live holy.  It is only through the Holy Spirit that we can know God’s Will.  However, the Holy Spirit will shy away from someone who has not repented and is in debt to sin.  Therefore, this person will be unable to see God’s Will, and worse still, this person will be unable to grow in His Love.  So, regular repentance is important because the Holy Spirit will enlighten a repentant heart with His Light.  As a consequence, we will glow inside us like a thousand constellations of light.  The fruit of repentance is love.  It is so very important to have the gift of love because the Lord said that in the end, on Judgment Day, we shall all be judged according to the measure of the love we have had on earth!  To love means doing God’s Will!  Then we can say, “I am walking with God.”  Jesus says: “come and I shall show you, if you are willing, what True Life in God meansI tell you solemnly, that anyone who lives in Love lives in Me, your God and I live in him;” (TLIG Messages, October 2, 1989)

Vassula stressed the fact that Jesus quickly forgives, once we repent from our heart for our sins.  Moreover, our prayers powerfully heal.  Our Holy Mother said in a message: “your answer to your problems can be found in a constant prayer; let this be your weapon, pray with your heart, dialogue with God in this way-Satan flees everytime you invoke God with love,” (TLIG Messages, August 2, 1991)

Invoking God with love touches Our Lord’s heart.  He said: “it is not those who say to Me: ‘Lord, Lord, who will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the person who does the will of My Father in heaven,’ so speak with love, and I shall hear you, give with love, and I shall know you, pray with love, and the doors of My Kingdom shall open for you to receive you, act with love, so that I may say to you: ‘you are Mine, you are My seed, come to your Father!’” (TLIG Messages, May 12, 1990)

In conclusion, Vassula summarized that in the end it’s God or nothing!  God’s call urgently asks us to rediscover Him in contemplation!  Through this contemplation we will allow Him to reveal Himself in our heart.  True theology, God said in a message, is the contemplation of Him.  We must learn to be silent and allow our spirit to rest in God.  It is about time we place God back at the center of our lives and allow Him to be at the center of our souls.  Thus, our lives will turn into an unceasing prayer around and in God.  In this silence of our spirit, our soul will experience an intimate encounter with Him.  Our soul will delight in His Presence, facing Him in awe and in a state of adoration, expressing our filial love to Him, and He to us.

She ended her presentation with this reflective message: come, you who err still in this wilderness, saying: ‘I have sought My Redeemer but have not found Him;’ find Me, My beloved, in purity of heart, by loving Me without self-interest; find Me in holiness, in the abandonment I desire of you; find Me by observing My Commandments; find Me by replacing evil with love, find Me in simplicity of heart; sin no more; cease in doing evil; learn to do good; search for justice; help the oppressed; let this wilderness and this aridity exult; let your tepidness enflame into an ardent flame; relinquish your apathy and replace it by fervour; do all these things so that you may be able to say: ‘I have sought my Redeemer and I have found Him, He was near me all the time but in my darkness I failed to see Him; O Glory be to God! Blessed be our Lord! How could I have been so blind?’ I shall then remind you to keep and treasure My Principles, so that you may live;” (TLIG Messages, July 8, 1989)

The audience loudly applauded, expressing an appreciation for her speech as she left the stage.  After some announcements, the Prayer for Healing and Deliverance concluded our meeting:

“Blessed be Your Name, O You who hear my prayer!
Blessed are You, My Lord, who removed our soul from the pit,
Blessed be Your Graciousness who draws us into Your Heart, to save us and set us free.
God, You are our Salvation, our Riches, our Sight and our Life.
You who daily enchant our soul and rejoice our heart with Your Presence,
allow us to profit from Your Presence;
we ask You, Jesus Christ, in Your Name,
Peace, Integrity and a Spirit of Forgiveness.
We beseech You, Jesus Christ, in Your Name, to heal us, Dear Lord,
from our iniquities and our vices,
Heal us, Lord, by the power of Your Holy Spirit,
Heal us spiritually, uprooting all that is evil.
Refresh us, O Holy Spirit, and revive us by renewing us.
Jesus Christ, in Your Name, we beseech You to Heal all spiritual sickness,
any physical sickness and anything that troubles our soul.
Let every fiber of our heart proclaim now with love Your Glory;
hear our prayer, Most Gracious Lord, and answer us. Amen.”

(TLIG Messages, January 1998, India. Taken from True Life in God Prayer Meeting Guidelines, pgs. 46-47)

Upon leaving the hall, Vassula was literally swamped by excited people approaching her.  They wanted either a prayer, a picture taken with her, had a question, or even asked to touch her.  Finally, she had to be escorted to a separate room until the hall slowly emptied.  Nevertheless, when those in attendance realized that she was still ‘hidden’ somewhere, they kept asking to take a picture with her, to have a book signed, or to be prayed over.  It was very rewarding and exciting to not only see how people had been touched by God’s Messages, but to also observe how Vassula exerts herself to the last drop of energy in a mission to serve God’s people, so that they attempt to draw nearer to Him at last!

Alongside the enthusiastic reactions, the book store volunteers were also inundated by a crowd after the meeting.  With beaming faces, they wonderfully attended to everyone’s needs with patience and love.  One could see and feel the excitement of God’s presence in their joyful faces, despite their heavy duty.  They sold over three-hundred TLIG prayer booklets and guidelines, and many TLIG One Books.  Within their collection, they had the HIR books in German and Arabic, as well as other TLIG material in German.  There was indeed a thirst in people to know more about the True Life in God Messages.  Some who were newly inspired through Vassula’s presentation, requested to join the TLIG Munich prayer meetings.

Through Vassula’s visit God enflamed hearts.  There may be a new dawn:  a desired thirst in learning to live a True Life in God!  We pray that this desire will last; that it is not just a short-lived phenomenon.  With God’s grace, we furthermore pray that this ‘fire of love’ will bear much fruit in Munich.

In appreciation, we praise God and thank Him, Vassula and Fr. Rolf for sacrificing their time by accepting our invitation to Munich; a great blessing indeed!  We also wish to thank the humble and ever-so-willing members of the Munich TLIG prayer group who set to work in God’s vineyard, trusting Him and seeking to please Him by whole-heartedly giving their best efforts, even though they were new to TLIG event planning.  They did a great job!  A special word of thanks goes out to all those who supported this project with their generous donations, so that both Berlin and Munich meetings could materialize.  God provided through your kindness and for this we thank you!

In true ‘biblical fashion’ Vassula expressed her feelings with her hand raised saying: “It was a success!”  A success it was and to God be all glory and thanksgiving!  Alleluia and thank you!

The members of the TLIG prayer group in Munich, Germany, June 2018

In Munich - the meeting organizers


In Munich - the enthusiastic organizers