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Meeting in Copenhagen, February 18, 2018 - A reminder of the Infinite Love and the Boundless Mercy of God!

In the Bible, there are facts that are beyond human perception; facts that cannot be constrained and interpreted by common sense; facts that we can only understand with the help of faith. Only by faith and the grace of the Holy Spirit can man understand the mysteries and the gifts that God gives today to lighten the darkness of every soul with His light: to warn, to strengthen and to teach His people.

Such a fact is within the True Life in God Messages. In these Divine Messages we read:  

“I Am is with you, so allow Me now to use with you My gift that will honour My Name; for, My child, through this gift I brought many back to Me; … My Holy Spirit had explicitly named this Work: "True Life in God"

(July 31, 1995)

“I it is who establish the associations of True Life in God; I offer prayers to the Father for your partnership in the Messages I am giving; you all have a place in My Heart since you are all sharing and defending My Work;

(July 31, 1995)

The Danish Association is one of them. They are Christians from different denominations. Many of them were converted through the divine messages of TLIG and they are working together so that they expand the treasure of TLIG in their country. They have created many prayer groups in different islands of the country and they organize several events every year to expand this treasure. One of this year’s recent events was an informal dinner in Copenhagen on the occasion of Christian Unity Week with hierarchy from the Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox Churches. Another event was Vassula’s talk, the latest invitation, on February 18th, 2018, again in Copenhagen. It was not the first invitation; Vassula has previously spoken in Copenhagen several times.  The TLIG organizers this time had arranged two interviews, two newspaper and the Radio of Denmark reportages for Vassula.  Here is the list of media events:

  1. Reportage in the newspaper “Kristeligt Dagblad” by the journalist Simone Nielson.
  2. An interview on the Radio of Denmark by Paula Larrain for the program “On Prophecy”.
  3. A reportage by Denmark’s live radio program called Tidsånd.
  4. An interview by Stephanie Lund, pastor for the Pentecostal church.

On November 17th, Heidi and Frank, from among the TLIG organizers, along with Rev. Bo who had come a little earlier from Sweden to attend the speech, welcomed Vassula and me at the Copenhagen Airport and took us to the hotel.

Vassula walking in Copenhagen with Rev. Bo, Heidi and Frank

Later, Rev. Bo spoke to us about a book by Fr. Edward O’ Connor: Listen to My Prophets – Divine Mercy and Divine Justice. The author of the book, Fr. Edward O’ Connor C.S.C, provides an interpretation of our times and answers the question of what lays ahead, giving details of the final events. Fr. Edward D. O’Connor C.S.C. was a professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame for forty-one years and was involved in the charismatic movement. 

A book by
Fr. Edward O’ Connor:
Listen to My Prophets – Divine Mercy and Divine Justice

This book clearly lays out messages concerning the Illumination, the Chastisement and the Great Miracle by some of the most powerful prophets of the 20th Century. It includes prophecies from St. Faustina: the message of Divine Mercy, Fr. Stefano Gobbi: (Marian Movement of Priests), Luisa Piccarreta: (Divine Will), Sister Mildred Mary Neutzil: (Our Lady of America), Vassula Ryden: (True Life in God Messages) and many more. This invaluable resource will help the faithful to understand the Heavenly voices above the noise of today's busy world. The book has the Nihil Obstat.

The following day, February 18th, we attended Holy Mass given by Fr. Lars Messerschmidt at Iben Thranholm’s house. About 25 people attended, some of which traveled from England, Germany and Sweden. Fr. Lars referred to the TLIG messages in his homily, saying that these messages lead us to Jesus Christ and tell us that we must choose Christ in our lives.

Mass before the meeting

Vassula’s witness meeting took place at Københavns Kulturcente at 7pm. Dr. of Theology Niels Christian Hvidt, professor at the University of Southern Denmark, welcomed the attendees, gave a warm introduction to Vassula and invited everyone to stand up while praying the Our Father.

Immediately afterwards, we watched a new, 15-minute introductory video in which Vassula talks about the beginning of her story with her angel and then with God.

Dr. of Theology Niels Christian Hvidt welcomed and introduced Vassula

Vassula took the stage, thanked the audience for attending and the organizers who have hosted her in Denmark for the 4th time...She said that an inspired Orthodox priest asked her to produce the previous video which explains the beginning of her call, instead of having to repeat the same introductory story, as she has been doing for 30 years, thousands of times.

Vassula reminded the people that God never ceases to work and He is free to manifest Himself to mankind, anytime. Not to give us some new revelation, but to remind us of His Word and our foundations… It has been said in the TLIG Messages that at the End of Time, our Lord, together with our Blessed Mother will raise new Apostles by the Holy Spirit…

Today, she said, we have to learn and to follow the traces of the prophets of old; learn from them to open a wide path in mind and heart to see how they maintained the perfect faithfulness which they had towards God when He revealed to them His designs. By putting God’s interests and God Himself first in their life they learned self-renunciation, self–denial; they learned how to strip themselves from their ego and their will…

Vassula witnessing

Vassula said that since the world has apostatized, an apostasy that St. Paul called ‘The Great Apostasy’, in Thessalonians 2 and Corinthians, God will surely intervene. In the TLIG messages many times God is calling us to repent… This generation has to repent. Our Blessed Mother asks us to offer prayers and sacrificial love. In short, Heaven is re-educating us and we are grateful to God and praise Him for His infinite Mercy…

Jesus says in a Message:

“...your generation failed to appreciate God’s great Love, this is why your lands are set aflame by egoism, by godlessness and by the fury of Satan; and still to this day his hand is raised to strike you and set aflame all the nations; because of your atheism and your perversity you have wrapped yourselves in the shroud of death...”

(TLIG Messages, October 10, 1990)

Vassula emphasized that we should realize that we are living in a time of ineffable Grace and Mercy; the Holy Spirit in full power is renewing creation. God asks us to die to ourselves, to our ego, to our will, so His Holy Spirit will invade and transform us… and she spoke about the importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit because the power of the Holy Spirit can bring us back to life.

Here are the Lord’s own words in the Messages:

“ these times of Grace, I come with Mercy, and I address you with poetry; My Words uttered are religion and virtue; with oil of gladness I anoint all those who approach Me, sealing them on their foreheads; this is My approach to you all in these times; My approach is Redemption, Saving Help, Mercy; if you only realized what I am offering, you would not just stand there, you would open the door to your heart and welcome Me;”

(May 21, 2001)

The subject of repentance was surfaced as well as the topics of forgiveness, prayer and love… It is important for all of us to know and understand that the Messages of TLIG are to be taken as a book of prayer, a book of meditation; and I would dare say, it is one of the biggest gifts from God for our generation and the generations that are to follow. God Himself claims the above in His messages, and He goes even further, saying that Vassula is sent to all of us with His Word as His gift.

In these Messages that are like a divine poem from the creator, we almost hear His Voice audibly. They are so alive, making us know Jesus in a personal manner, realizing that Christ is approachable, as we turn our hearts ablaze with love for Him!

At the end of her speech, Vassula thanked the attendees for listening to her and said:

Let us pray and realize who is standing outside the door of our heart, knocking all these years… Let us become Apostles to please and glorify God!

The audience

At the entrance of the theater, there were large banners that attracted the eyes of the incoming people. Among them was a banner with information about Vassula's mission in the world and all who collaborate in this work of God,  a banner with her newly published book Heaven is Real but so is Hell, translated into Danish, and banners with pictures of the loving work and activities of the Beth Myriams.

The HIR Book, Vassula’s Mission & Beth Myriam Banners were at the hall’s entrance

At the end of the speech, the interest of the people turned to the book tables. At the tables were displayed all the TLIG printed material in Danish and in various other languages, such as English. Vassula’s paintings were also included as well as CDs and DVDs of various pilgrimages. Lastly, the display included material and information about the 25 Beth Myriams around the world. The book table sales revenue paid for the event’s expenses and will help the TLIG association continue to publish the TLIG books. 

Sales of books in the lobby


Following Vassula’s talk in Copenhagen, several people were willing to give their testimonies about Vassula and the Messages of True Life in God. Below are some of them: 

testimony 1

I am Danish and I came with my grandparents and my sister Sophie. We feel very excited. It is the first time for us, but our mother has told us a lot about the TLIG messages and Vassula. I think the speech was very good! 

testimony 2

I am Danish. I think the TLIG Messages are very beautiful and very inspiring. They touch your heart and inspire one to be very personal with the Lord. I have been in the four meetings of Vassula in Denmark and I have participated in the TLIG Pilgrimages a few times.

testimony 3

We are from Philippines and we live in Denmark. It was the first time we heard about the TLIG Messages and Vassula. It was a great experience to hear Vassula’s testimony and her conversion.

testimony 4

My name is Stefanos and I am half Greek and half Danish. I have heard Vassula’s talks quite a bit sometimes and I did read some of the messages. Obviously, I have not read all the messages, so there are many things that I cannot say much about, but what I really felt encouraged by this meeting with Vassula is that she really seems to be a genuine, honest, very humble person and I think, that it speaks a lot for the authenticity of the Messages. I am interested to what she says. I think it is a lot of stuff to read. That is what I am doing now, I am reading the messages. And this is the right thing someone to do, like to really read and decide oneself what to think of it.

testimony 5

I am Faroese (from the Faroe Islands). I think this meeting was a great experience! It was the first time I have been and I am very happy I went. Thank you.

testimony 6

My name is Eve and I come from Vietnam. I am in Denmark only one year. I feel very blessed, because I joined two times Vassula’s testimonies. Every time I come I learn something, because through Vassula, God sends me a message. And the message today made my heart vibrate, because, I must learn to forgive people; I must lower my ego and be patient…

testimony 7

My name is Sladjana. I am from Serbia, but the past 30 years I have been living in Germany.  TLIG and the messages from Jesus is the most powerful thing I have ever, ever, encountered and it happened to me 7 months ago. Since then my life changed completely. My life, my soul, my heart opened as never before, although I have been for many years in the spiritual path. Within 7 months I was born again just reading the messages of our Lord Jesus Christ every single day.

testimony 8

My name is Nicole and I am Danish. My mother is part of the TLIG translator group and she translates the messages into Danish. The meeting was great and I really enjoyed it. I love a lot the messages about Unity. I have not read all the TLIG books yet, but definitely I want to do it.

testimony 9

My name is Augustine and I am from Greenland, but I live in Denmark some years now. I have so much in my heart now after Vassula’s speech… God is speaking to us through these Messages and I feel in my heart that Jesus’ love for us is enormous!

testimony 10

My name is Leila Martina. I am from Denmark. I grew up in a family without any faith at all. However, in 1997 I had an experience and I wanted to find a spiritual path. Suddenly, I got  Niels Christian Hvidt’s book “Christian Prophecy”. In the book I read about Vassula and Medjugorje. That was the beginning. I read the TLIG books; I saw many videos about it on YouTube. While I am working I wear headsets and listen. I love the messages and I am very happy to be here tonight.

testimony 11

I am from the Philippines. Actually this is the 3rd time I have seen Vassula. The first time was in Vadstena, Sweden. It is a blessing for me to be a member to the TLIG prayer group here in Denmark. I truly believe that God speaks to her. All the Messages I read went into my heart and I really do feel God’s presence in my life. Every time I go out, I always say: God, Jesus, come with me. “We, us”. And I feel that God is always with me, especially now that I am alone because my husband died, September 2016.

May many more souls be touched by the Messages of True Life in God and open their heart to God.

In Christ, 

Gethsemane Vlaserou