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Mission in Kingston - England

17-20 November 2015

Vassula’s mission to London began immediately after the bloody world events that brought about dozens of casualties: (the downing of the Russian plane and the indiscriminate attacks in Lebanon and France). The terrorist threats took root in people’s souls, with horror, fear, abhorrence, and the anguish about what is to follow…

Public events were cancelled… The media held broadcasts, interviews with politicians, commentators, analysts… with no spiritual approach or reference to God. Yet God has warned us, through the messages of True Life in God, about the great apostasy and its consequences; by having chased God out of our lives, such consequences of hatred and wars are bound to flare up.  However, people continue to refuse to listen to God’s warnings that surge out of His boundless Mercy, and continue to remain as lethargic as ever…

Beware of the devil… O creation! He is preparing a large holocaust against you. O how I cry from My Cross, Creation, return to Me.” 23 March 1988

“A clear message such as this one should have been taken very seriously,” Vassula explained, “and you should have heard Christ’s Voice then calling out with agony, but no, even some of the good people, read, but without penetrating the depth of the messages, such a pity…”

On November 17, 2015 we were greeted at Heathrow airport by Bernard Tansey, who kindly drove us to the hotel at the center of London. Later on, Albert Muller arrived, as well as Fiona with Leanne from the company that had undertaken to promote and market the book “Heaven is Real, But So is Hell” in the United Kingdom.

A few days earlier, it had been announced on Face book on the page “Jesus Is Returning”, that on November 18th, a worldwide discussion with Vassula was to take place in London. The people’s response was big. There were many prayer requests and questions about the TLIG messages and her schedule! Vassula thanked people for their participation in the event towards the promotion of her book “Heaven is Real, But So is Hell” in the United Kingdom, as well as for their prayers. Vassula said she had chosen to share special prayers with them in the next few hours and informed them about her speech at the All Saints Church the following day in Kingston upon Thames.

Later on, there was an interview with the journalist Sam Leyton. Vassula said that the reason she wrote the book “Heaven is Real, But So is Hell” was to communicate her special experience with God, and to show the world God’s Mercy and Love for mankind. She said that there is a constant spiritual battle between demons and the children of God, and she stressed that through the TLIG messages God warns His creation that Satan is preparing a great holocaust. So long as the Church of Christ remains divided, evil will continue to tear on it. To his question whether she had had a vision recently, Vassula replied: Yes, a vision about what is to come… Fire… the Lord talks about Fire. The world’s people have fallen so low without any moral values in their lives; we are living just like animals.” To his question whether she has difficulties in her life, Vassula replied: “Yes, there are persecutions, calumnies… However, this is a sign that someone comes from God…”

Interview with journalist Heidi Kingstone

The following day, November 19, Vassula was programmed to have an interview with a journalist and author: Heidi Kingstone. Right before the interview, the journalist politely declared that she is an atheist and then proceeded to the interview. Some of her questions were as follows:

Why did God choose you? How has this fact affected your family? Why are these unpleasant events taking place today? Why is God speaking today? Vassula responded to these questions that she has been asked countless of times in the course of her mission. She said that God is speaking today out of His Love and Mercy and that He is sending the Holy Spirit all over the world to renew His creation. The message of TLIG is essentially a message about the need for the Unity of the Church. She conveyed the words of Jesus that tell about the great apostasy and how “Christian Europe” sells its Cathedrals due to the reality that only a few faithful visit them.  She talked as well about the prophecies she has received that Russia will glorify God and will lead many nations, becoming the head of them, and about the warnings of a global fire, if mankind refuses to repent.

At noon on the same day, we departed from the hotel, along with Bernard, for the All Saints Church in Kingston upon Thames, where the speech was to take place. At the church we met our friends and organizers of this event, who were already there preparing the place for it. The TLIG books, her autobiography “Heaven is real, but so is Hell”, along with copies of her paintings, DVDs and CDs from Vassula’s speeches and the TLIG pilgrimages had been arranged on a big table behind the podium.

The Rev. Gavin presents Vassula

The Reverend Dr. Gavin Ashenden, Senior Chaplain and Lecturer in Psychology of Religion at the University of Sussex introduced Vassula, stating what a great pleasure and honour it was to have her with them. He spoke about his first introduction to the TLIG messages and about the powerful prophetic words of the Lord in these messages. Reverend Gavin Ashenden has studied the TLIG messages and has participated in spiritual meetings and TLIG pilgrimages. He also presents on TLIG radio ( a program entitled “Reflections on Christian Prophecy”.


Vassula asked people to rise so that she prays the “Our Father” in Aramaic. She began her speech saying that the Lord is coming to renew His Creation. We are living in times of Mercy, and many times in the messages Jesus calls them “the End of Times”. God is revealing Himself as never before in history. In the Apocalypse 11:3-13 it is confirmed that we are living in times of Mercy and Grace and the renewal of God’s creation. For this reason, God is sending the Holy Spirit all over the world to save us… However, people in their incredulity continue not to care or respond to God’s call.

“In these days I come with Mercy and I address you with poetry; My Words uttered are religion and virtue; with oil of gladness I anoint all those who approach Me sealing them on their foreheads; this is My approach to you all in these times; My approach is redemption, saving help, mercy…” 21 May 2001

The Messages of TLIG, Vassula’s biography and TLIG CDS and DVD’s

Vassula spoke about the Apostasy, especially in the West. As a result of abandoning God, the world has become extremely violent and evil. Jesus says that people have transformed everything that is good into evil, and instead of praising God, they boast about themselves. Many Christians have rebelled… Christ’s churches are either shut down or sold and turned into restaurants, casinos, sports and entertainment facilities… And the Holy Altar, on which His Sacrifice was celebrated, remains as a table on which drinks are served or is used for any secular purpose! This abomination of the desolation is what Jesus quotes from the prophet Daniel in the book of Matthew Chapter 24! These are the signs of the End of Times.

She said that we are living at a time of a great spiritual battle, in which we are all taking part. The evil powers are doing everything they can to harm God’s creation. Wars, crimes, hatred of one nation towards another, all are somehow a manipulation by the devil, and are described in detail in her book “Heaven is Real, but so is Hell”.

The speech was attended by approximately 250 people

Vassula stressed that the main message of TLIG is Church Unity. The Church is one, but the people of the Church have become divided. The Father’s command to Vassula is “Revive My House, embellish My House, unite My House”. Jesus wants His shepherds united! For this reason, He is asking for a sincere repentance and acts of reparation. She said: They talk about obedience; how can they, when they are disobedient to Jesus at the same time, remaining divided for the past 1000 years! Division is a sin and it comes from the devil, while reconciliation and unity are gifts from the Holy Spirit.

Vassula thanked the audience for attending and concluded her speech with the prayer of Repentance and Deliverance.


The Messages of Jesus are the hope that the world has been waiting for, and this hope is within our reach, as He Himself says in a message. We only have to raise our hands to heaven and look for heavenly gifts. This is what all 250 people who attended her speech did. They looked for heavenly food in the TLIG books. Vassula spent a great deal of time signing the books, with a personal dedication to everyone.


Signing the books of TLIG and her autobiography


The Lord assures us that His message will be an ocean that will cover the entire world! His message sets fire to the souls of men, so that they can repent, turn to Him and be saved. What reassures us mostly is that in the End, the Heart of Jesus and the Heart of Mary shall triumph!

We wholeheartedly thank Bernard who kindly offered to escort us and be with us throughout the trip, with discretion and love. We thank Reverend Gavin, Albert, Ewa, David, Mary, John, and the whole TLIG group in London for the organization and success of the event, as well as Fiona and Leanne, who did their best to promote the new book.


In Christ

Gethsemane Vlaserou