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Vassula’s Mission to Rethimno

March 30 – April 1, 2012

Crete is the largest and one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, adorning the Aegean Sea with its beauty… Vassula visited this beautiful island in March 2012, spreading our Lord’s Hymn of Love once more. A few years ago, Vassula had visited Crete and had spoken at a hotel’s conference hall in the city of Heraklion as well as at the Chania prison. This time she had been invited to speak at an amphitheater at the Rethimno campus of the University of Crete, where she delivered an address entitled

 “How come you do not discern the Signs of the Times?”

On Friday afternoon, March 30, we arrived in Crete so as to make preparations for the address to be delivered the following day. On the same night, a local T.V. station played videos of Vassula Ryden and extracts from her mission all over the world.

We had all been waiting anxiously for the following day to come because our Lord had opened up yet another door to Greece this year in order to spread His message and call upon his children once more to repent.

On Saturday morning, we gathered at the hotel’s restaurant to have breakfast with Vassula, enjoying our discussion on various issues, including that evening’s address. Gradually, there began to arrive at the hotel people who had travelled from Athens to listen to Vassula’s address.

Vassula began her address by thanking the audience, who had listened and responded to the Lord’s invitation and had come to learn why God speaks in our times.

She went on to explain how her angel Daniel had approached her and prepared her to receive the messages from Jesus.

She also referred to the apparitions of our Holy Mother all over the world, as She is very concerned and calls upon Her children to live a holy life in accordance with Her Son’s will.

Vassula spoke about God the Father’s love for His children and then she discussed the prophecies on Russia, the tsunami, and the twin towers in the U.S., stressing the fact that everything had been written in the books of the messages several years before they actually happened.

She also stressed that if people do not change and repent of their sins, the just wrath of the Father will fall upon humanity. However, God loves us, so if we, His children, truly repent and turn our eyes to Him, His wrath will be mitigated. If we look around us and see what goes on today in various societies but also in Greece, we shall realize the urgency of the Lord’s call to us to convert and repent.

Inside the amphitheater, absolute silence prevailed, and everyone showed great interest in what Vassula had to say. At the end of the address, someone said he agreed with everything he had heard and that it is written in Scripture that in the last days the sons and daughters of God will prophesy (Acts 2:17).

The address was attended by about seventy people. If we choose to look at it solely in terms of numbers and to compare it to Vassula’s other gatherings, filling up stadiums and conference centers with thousands of people, then the people who attended in Rethimno were not many. However, we should bear in mind what the Lord says in His message of December 21, 1988, which  is that he loves all of his children to folly; that he was humiliated, tormented, tortured, and willingly suffered a most painful death, all out of love; and that even now He is ready to repeat His Passion unsparingly, even if it were for the salvation of just one soul.

After the address, no one left, as they wished to obtain books and DVDs and asked to be kept informed about Vassula’s mission, writing down their details for this purpose. Some of them even asked Vassula to visit Crete again and speak in another city.

All of us were delighted when the people involved in preparing the amphitheater for the address – sound engineer, photographer, and cameraman – asked for material on the messages.

In the evening, happy with what we had experienced while in Crete, we visited a restaurant in the vicinity of the university for dinner. The owner and his mother were particularly friendly with us. At first we thought this was simply due to the fact that all Cretans are very hospitable, but then we were informed that they knew about Vassula and her mission, and they were very touched that she had visited their place. The owner’s mother, wiping a tear from her eye, thanked Vassula for the important work she is doing and for the Beth Myriams that feed people in need. They also told us that they had really wished they could have attended the address, but they had not managed to do so due to their professional/work obligations.

The following day, gathered around the breakfast table, we happily discussed what we had experienced on that blessed island. In the afternoon, we departed for Rhodes from Heraklion airport.

Thank God, all went well, and we hope that the Lord will open up more doors for His work to continue in other cities of Crete, along with every corner of Greece.

In Christ,