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Report of Vassula’s Witness in Malta and Gozo

For many months Rosie, TLIG Organizer in Gozo, was preparing for Vassula’s first witnessing in Malta.

Friday September 7, 2012

Vassula arrived on the picturesque island of Malta she was welcomed by Rosie, Joyce and her husband George, and some of the members of the TLIG Prayer Group in Gozo. We went directly to the Smash TV studios where Edward Spiteri, host of Egra’ Lura, would be interviewing Vassula.  Although Edward had not read the messages he was eager to hear about Vassula’s charisma, how it all began and where it would lead us.  He was so thrilled about what he heard of Vassula’s mission that after the first recorded interview, which would be played later that afternoon, he wanted to record a second interview to show the following day. (A DVD recording of this interview will be made available for the public.)

Bishop Chucrallah
Rosie, Vassula, Joyce and George

During lunch, the TLIG Prayer Group in Malta, were happy to inform us that Smash TV aired an hour long program about True Life in God, something that was not planned by the organizers. They were showing one of Vassula’s witnessing. Once again God was working miraculously to spread His messages and the upcoming event.

On our way to the island of Gozo we met with a Reverend who previously worked on the Ecumenical Council in Malta. He listened to Vassula’s and two other TLIG members witnessing. He was happy to tell us that he had placed in both the Gozo and Malta parishes’ newsletter of Vassula’s meetings.

Saturday September 8, 2012 

On the feast day of Our Lady’s Birthday, we visited a priest in Gozo who warmly welcomed us and was open to hearing Vassula’s witnessing. He then showed us around his parish church as well as the quarters that they use for small retreats.


In the afternoon, Vassula would be witnessing to the people of Gozo, so the TLIG volunteers worked to prepare the hall and the book stalls. Many Gozitans just finished watching the first interview on TV and they were eager to hear more, so it was wonderful to see over 60 people of all ages coming to hear Vassula speak. Once the witnessing finished, the Prayer of Repentance and Deliverance that Jesus gave on November 13, 2006, followed. Vassula then said a Healing Prayer over the individuals who attended. People felt happy and blessed once the Healing Service finished. 

Bishop Chucrallah
Vassula in Gozo

There were many who wanted to buy books or icons and Vassula stayed to sign several items that the audience bought. No one wanted to leave as they said they felt God’s presence during the speech. It was an intimate witnessing, one that allowed the audience to enjoy what they heard and begin to connect intimately with God’s words.

Bishop Chucrallah
Healing Service

 Sunday September 9, 2012

Prior to Sunday mass in Malta, Vassula witnessed to a priest who was more than eager to hear all she had to say. He had already read a few of the messages and wanted to discuss them further. He accepted God’s messages positively.

After mass, there were the final preparations for the second witnessing that afternoon. Over 80 people attended this second witnessing. The majority of the audience came because of the TV interview and only a few had before heard of True Life in God.  Several of the people who attended were completely new to the messages. Others surprisingly brought with them early editions of the messages, showing their books to Vassula and telling her that they knew those messages.

Bishop Chucrallah
Vassula in Malta

Once again the people were pleased to hear about God’s love and how merciful He truly is. They listened keenly and were even more enthusiastic during the Healing Service. The books quickly sold out so many had to place an order. 


Monday September 10, 2012 

On our final day in Malta, Vassula met Mgr. George Mifsud Montanaro. He had previously written to Vassula telling her that “I am happy to know that you have been invited to speak in Malta… I wish you continued blessing on your spiritual witness and your apostolic and charitable work.” He had many questions to ask Vassula to which Vassula answered them. We felt that maybe in the meantime he must have received some negative news that made him feel uncomfortable, but Vassula’s answers satisfied him and by the end, he was more open to what was being said and even contributed his ideas on unity.

Our time in Malta had come to an end; the TLIG organizers with God’s grace did a wonderful job. With sold out books and many showing interest in joining the prayer groups, we felt that the vineyards are multiplying:

“have you not yet understood how My Holy Spirit of Grace is preparing you, Vineyard after Vineyard, spreading Them gently and with so much love in every nation?” (September 20, 1989)