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Vassula Visits Taiwan 

May 21-24, 2008

A photo with some of the TLIG Taiwan group

TLIG Taiwan is made up of a very energetic and dynamic group of young people, with Prayer Groups in many parts of the country, notably in the capital Taipei, in Kaoshiung, and Taichung.  Thanks to the pioneering efforts years ago of then Bro. Otfried Chan, and Sr. Augustine, True Life in God has been propagated among clergy and laity.   Taiwan has been specially blessed; the fruits of True Life in God have been abundant.  Since Vassula's first visit in 2004, 3 TLIG Prayer Group members have chosen to dedicate their lives fully to the service of God in His Church:  Bro. Otfried took his vow of Holy Orders last year and is now Fr. Otfried: a parish priest in the Taipei diocese.  Two youthful TLIG members are now Convent novices and will soon be taking their vows.

In 2004, Vassula was invited to speak at an Inter-Religious Conference held in the Archbishop's House in Taipei, hosted by Archbishop Joseph Ti-Kang, and attended by representatives of various oriental religions, namely Taoist, Buddhist, Bahai, and Muslim.   

May 21, Wed. - Public Meeting in Kaoshiung

A joyful audience welcomes Vassula's talk, translated into Chinese by Fr. Otfried 

In the southern city of Kaoshiung, TLIG Taiwan's Kaoshiung Prayer Group organized a Public Meeting at the National Hero Hotel Auditorium with 200 people in attendance.

May 23, Fri. - Vassula meets the Bishop of Taichung

Our young group of TLIG members in Taichung could not keep from sharing with their Bishop the good news of their conversions.  They paid him a visit and eagerly related to him details of their lives before and after they met Jesus their Lord in the Messages of True Life in God.   Their Lord had spoken to them through His Messages, lifted them out of drugs, depression, possession, and loneliness.   Their testimonies of the Lord's healing, love and mercy awakened the Bishop's interest; it spurred him on to meet Vassula, led him to get to know more about True Life in God and her mission.

Vassula is greeted by Bishop Su at his House

We travelled on a fast train from Kaoshiung to Taichung to visit His Excellency, the Most Rev. Martin Su Yao-Wen, Bishop of Taichung, Taiwan who warmly welcomed Vassula and the TLIG Taichung Prayer Group.  He listened to Vassula speak about her mission and questioned her on the difficulties involved.  The letter from Cardinal Levada's office was mentioned, giving her the opportunity to clarify the situation  by reminding him that the CDF under Cardinal Ratzinger had studied her work for 2 ½ years. Cardinal Ratzinger himself declared to her along with the theologian accompanying her that the situation about the Notification had been modified.  Vassula explained that she was seeking to continue the dialogue with the CDF to clear up any further questions they may have.

TLIG Prayer Meeting in the Bishop's Chapel

 After Vassula's talk with Bishop Su, the bishop insisted that we hold a TLIG Prayer Meeting in his Chapel, and he invited all of us to lunch in his refectory.  Bishop Su's graciousness touched us all; his warm hospitality was a reward for the efforts made by our youthful TLIG group in Taichung.  He imparted his blessing upon the Public Meeting that was scheduled for the following day. 

May 24, Sat. - Public Meeting in Taichung

Many were touched during Vassula's talk and the Healing Session

Vassula thanks the TLIG Taiwan organizers onstage

In spite of a certain priest's negative announcements against TLIG after Mass the night before, TLIG Taichung organized a very successful Meeting at the Wenchuei Hall in the Ming De High School premises in Taichung.  A very animated audience of 400 people attended, and many books were sold.