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1986 Sep 20I Am The Light
1986 Sep 27I Am Your Redeemer
1986 Sep 28I Am The Way
1986 Sep 30I God Exist
1986 Oct 05I Am Not Beyond Reach
1986 Oct 10I Am Peace
1986 Oct 16I Am Fully Aware Of Your Capacity
1986 Oct 22I Am Your Teacher
1986 Oct 23Which House Needs You More?
1986 Nov 09The Crucifixion
1986 Dec 04You Are Spirit And I Am Also Spirit And Holy
1986 Dec 10Be Holy
1986 Dec 11Are You Willing To Be Holy?
1986 Dec 13Holy Is To Be Like I Am
1986 Dec 14I Am Your Consoler
1986 Dec 15All Wisdom Comes From Me
1986 Dec 16You Will Have To Acquire Wisdom
1987 Jan 08Be My Bride
1987 Jan 21You Are Free To Choose
1987 Jan 23I Have Chosen You To Be My Bearer
1987 Jan 24Were You Able On Your Own To Love Me?