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My Delight Is In Every Pure Heart

June 10, 1994

(USA - Fairfield County)

Lord? I'm at Your service.

I Am; here I am, by your side I stand;

put your hope in Me and securely you will stand; oh daughter, tell them, tell them that My Heart is an abyss of Love and Mercy; the Spirit whom I am sending you will remind you of the Truth and that I Am;

listen and write: peace be with you; little children, My delight is in every pure heart; My joy is when I see your eyes seeking only heavenly things; My glory is when you come to Me and tell Me: "here I am .... here I am", offering your heart to Me to transfigure it into My domain and then reign over it; My magnificence and My splendour are when you keep My sanctuary1 holy, turning it into a glorious domain for My majesty; My sovereignty is when in your wretchedness and in your poverty you can cry out:

"hosanna! hosanna! to the King who saved us, for eternity!"

.... this is My Glory .... by your sacrifice I make gardens out of deserts .... by your love, I raise up the dead; 2 by your thirst for Me your God, you console Me and become a comforting balm for My wounded heart .... lift up your eyes, child, and look at the One who leans from above to lift you to Him; come, cities of Mine and join in one voice and in one heart the prayer I have taught you to say:

(I pray.)

I bless you from the core of My Sacred Heart; I bless you, leaving the Sigh of My Love on your forehead; be one;

1 Our soul.
2 Spiritually dead.