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Scatter My Grains

May 5, 1987

(When I feel God's love on me (us) my mind almost reels! When He makes me dissolve in His Body and His Body annihilates mine it is then that I feel like air, like truly I am spirit without flesh! Ecstatic state? Even these words cannot describe fully the state His Love can bring me to. His grace and goodness are impossible to describe, there are no words to describe such greatness and splendour of His Holiness. And to know how I, before His approach, rejected Him!)

Vassula, come to Me; My five Wounds are open; Vassula, penetrate into My Wounds and feel My pain; come, let My Blood sanctify you in My Wounds, glorify Me; I will guide you, daughter; freely I give, so give freely too; I the Lord will return with My Holy Book;

(Jesus had a small book with Him.)

discern and read where I point, "betrothed, blessed of My Soul, daughter of Mine; feed My lambs; scatter My grains, let them yield a rich harvest, reap it and give My Bread freely; I am the Bread of Life; feed My sheep, I am always with you till the end of times;" 1

My God, thank You for Your Guidance. I sound arid with these naked words but I have to put them on paper. May Your Name be Blessed forever and ever!

I love you; I will not forsake you; we will work together; do not weary writing; now I have sealed My Message of Peace and Love, I will guide you, Vassula; come to Me;

I shall follow You, Lord. I love You.

leave Me free to act in you,

Lord, may Your will be done.

I will instruct you with Wisdom;

1 The contents of the book revealed my mission. The Apostolate.