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Vergine Chakryan CD

Vergine Chakryan is from Armenia. Her voice is lyric soprano. She started singing when she was 13 years old. In 2000, Vergine graduated from the Yerevan State Conservatoire. Born into a Christian Armenian family she began her career with Armenian Christian Hymns and now sings at church.

With the support of Vassula and the American Association for TLIG she recently released her first CD that includes Armenian Hymns and TLIG songs - the text of which are prayers from the messages. Vergine was so inspired that by God's grace she began composing music after prayers for this gift. She was given melodies and thus, some of the prayers you can listen to became songs.

Vergine writes: "My second favorite book after the Bible became True Life in God. I was very impressed and inspired...and even once in my dream I was glorifying God by a Hymn that I had composed at that moment. Shortly after, when I was requested to sing some prayers from TLIG I was first very hesitant, since I was not a composer but a singer, and I had never ever composed music. It was just unbelievable, but at the same time I was asking God in my prayers for a special gift to compose the melody that would be in accord with the TLIG prayers that were so precious to me and so close to my heart. And the Lord Almighty who is so full of love towards us human beings, listened to the cry of my soul. As the sunrise dissipates the darkness of the night into a bright day, likewise the first melody was born and filled up my emptiness. Within an entire month by God’s mercy and by the intercessions of Our Lady, four melodies were composed and they are included in this CD, which is my first one."

The CD may be purchased from HERE