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The True Life in God CD

The CD ROM contains:
  • A 40 minute video
  • Contents of the website including all the TLIG Messages
  • 2 complete talks + 2 TV interviews by Vassula (in sound)

The CD contains the following items:

  1. A 40 minute video consisting of extracts from a talk given by Vassula in Abingdon, England, in 1997 and including a 5 minute introduction to Vassula and True Life in God. The introduction contains video of Vassula writing a message from Jesus in her prayer room.

  2. The www.tlig.org web site contents, including:
    • all the Messages received by Vassula since 1986.
    • all the audio items available on the website, including two complete talks given by Vassula and two TV interviews and a radio interview.
    • all the information pages from the website, including many forum mailings.
    • a search facility (English only).
    • many non-English sections of the site including the complete Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, and Hungarian sections.

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Technical Information:
The CD should 'autorun' on most computers. The web pages require a browser. The video and audio items require 'Windows Media Player'. Click HERE to check if this computer has the program installed (the Player will open automatically if it does). If not, the program can be downloaded free, HERE
For sound, the computer needs to be sound enabled although the 5 minute introductory video uses visual text.
(Queries to: dha@tlig.org)