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7о Вселенско Поклонение на Истинския в Бога Живот

"В Стъпките на Св. Павел"

Ще дойда да събера всички народи и езици, и те ще дойдат и ще видят славата Ми... (Исаия 66:18)

Да бъдат всички едно: както Ти, Отче, си в Мене, и Аз в Тебе, тъй и те да бъдат в Нас едно, - та да повярва светът, че Ти си Ме пратил.

И славата, която Ми бе дал, Аз дадох тям, за да бъдат едно, както Ние сме едно;

Аз съм в тях, и Ти в Мене, за да бъдат в пълно единство, и за да познае светът, че Ти си Ме пратил и си ги възлюбил, както Мене възлюби... (Йоан 17:21-23)


Biblical Greece on a Cruise Ship

This Pilgrimage is planned to take place in an up to date Cruise Ship that will sail the blue Aegean waters where dolphins can be seen now and then jumping from the depths of these transparent waters and last but not least where St. Paul himself had sailed.

The pilgrims will arrive by plane in Athens. The following day we will visit the Acropolis and Corinth and in the evening we will depart by ship from Piraeus to the holy island of Patmos. We will sail by night and will arrive at the Apocalypse island the following day. Sailing by night we shall be calling at other islands like Lesvos and cities like Kavala, Thessalonica and Veria. We will visit the amazing clifftop Monasteries of Meteora, a place that should not to be missed.

This pilgrimage, just like previous ones, will be a wonderful and spiritual experience of the roots of Christianity as we stand and pray at the Biblical sites.

Inspired by the True Life in God Messages, we welcome the opportunity to live and worship in unity with all Christians, as well as other faiths, irrespective of denominations, nationalities or "man-made" dividers.

Ecumenical bonding characterizes TLIG pilgrimages, as does the love of the beautiful Eucharistic Liturgies and prayers for all.

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Updates and Highlights
Archangel Michael of Mantamado Added to Itinerary