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Beth Myriams of Mexico

Beth Myriam Puebla


BM caregiver feeding a poor family

This Beth Myriam is located in the center of Mexico, in the southern part of the city of Puebla, the capital of the state of Puebla. Gloria Vasquez and her husband prepare 50 meals daily, from Monday to Friday, feeding the families of working mothers whose husbands are unfortunately out of work. Poor children from the streets who clean cars, who sell candies and newspapers frequently come to eat, as well as some drug addicts. Some young BM volunteers gather free vegetables from various donors in the market every 3rd Sunday to help replenish the stock of food for the poor. Medical help is given when needed.

The house is open to everyone, a TLIG Prayer Meeting is held every Monday, and catechism classes are given on Saturdays. During these classes the children of the working mothers are prepared for their first Holy Communion by the BM volunteers, under the supervision of Fr. Carlos Ordaz, who has given his moral support and visits the Beth Myriam. Donations of cloth are received, enabling the volunteers to supply the children with clothes for the Holy Communion ceremony. Sewing classes are offered and every Friday, the children can have their hair cut for free, before meals.

Young BM volunteers, Rosalia and Domingo, with donated fruits and vegetables from the market
Group picture of Catechism class with BM volunteers

Contact information

Address: Puebla, Mexico
Responsible: Gloria Vazquez Pimentel

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