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Vassula in USA 

May-June 2013

This was Vassula’s second trip to the United States, where she would continue to promote the new book “Heaven is Real But So is Hell”. Many reject the messages of True Life in God but over time, as Vassula has learnt “God, in His great Mercy, always gives us a chance to repent and be forgiven before we die” (HIR, p121). During our stay in the United States, Vassula was heard by many who are on this journey to repentance and forgiveness.

New York City

We were welcomed to New York by Georgia Klamson along with Father John Corbett who took us to the hotel so that we could rest and prepare for the interview the following day. On May 26th, Vassula met with Voice of Armenians TV NY, where she was interviewed by Haik, and discussed the new book “Heaven is Real But So is Hell”.  

Click Here to see Vassula's interview at Voice of Armenians TV.

Vassula at Voice of Armenians TV 


Haik and Vassula

After the interview we were shown around the church and met some of the members of the Armenian Church over coffee.

The following day we all went to The Advent Book Shop in Massapequa, where over 50 people attended the book signing and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. You could feel God’s presence working around you. Vassula signed books for the customers and later spoke to them about the new book as well as answered various questions on religion.

People at the book signing  of Heaven is Real But So is Hell
People at the book signing of “Heaven is Real But So is Hell”

All of those who attended the signing brought with them their own personal story, be it how they came to read the new book or how they came closer to God and want to learn how they can know Him better. There was one woman who told us that she was never into reading books, however when she passed by this book shop several weeks ago she was so taken aback by “Heaven is Real But So is Hell” that she stopped to buy it and could not put it down since.

On May 28th, we were blessed to be invited to two interviews with the Greek radio and television stations in New York. Our first interview would be with Hellas FM that  lasted  an hour with the host Manolis Kouroupakis. During that hour, Manolis questioned Vassula not only on “Heaven is Real But So is Hell”, the mission and the pilgrimages, but also asked religious questions that he knew listeners would be interested.

Click Here to see Vassula's interview at Hellas FM.

Vassula at Hellas FM 


Inga, Vassula, Manolis and Georgia at Hellas FM
Inga, Vassula, Manolis and Georgia at Hellas FM

Immediately after the Hellas FM interview, we all went to Greek NGTV station, which thankfully was nearby.  There we met with Yanna Darilis, who is the Head of NGTV and interviewed Vassula personally. Before the interview we spent some time together where Vassula witnessed to Yanna, in order to help with the flow of the interview. It was during this time that Yanna was so moved and touched by what she heard that she made the decision to join us on the pilgrimage this year.

Click Here to see Vassula's interview with Yanna Darilis at NGTV.

Vassula and Yanna Darilis at NGTV 


Vassula and Yanna Darilis at NGTV
Vassula and Yanna Darilis at NGTV

This was the last of the interviews for New York City. We spent the following days at the Book Expo America (BEA) where “Heaven is Real But So is Hell” was displayed for publishers and the general public to see and inquire about the book. Several people stopped to discuss the new book with Vassula and they seemed interested in what they had to hear.

Vassula and Yanna Darilis at NGTV
Vassula & Inga outside The Javits Center for the book Expo, New York City



Inga and Vassula at the Book Expo America(BEA)
Inga and Vassula at the Book Expo America(BEA)

Before we left New York we met with Rev. Fr. Alex Karloutsos, the Assistant to the Archbishop for Public Affairs.

Rev. Fr. Alex Karloutsos
Rev. Fr. Alex Karloutsos, the Assistant to the Archbishop for Public Affairs

Tampa, Florida

Friday the 31st of May was our last day in New York City; it was time for us to travel to Tampa, Florida where we would meet with Jim Peters and Internet TV and radio personality Malcolm from "Malcolm out loud". We wasted no time there and the following day began the one day taping of a new programme for a spiritual town hall.  This is a show were Vassula and a mediator, Malcolm, would discuss religious and spiritual matters in front of a live audience. Towards the end of the programme the audience was able to ask Vassula any questions they have. It was a very intimate surrounding and anyone watched felt like they were having a personal conversation with Vassula.

Spiritual Town Hall with Vassula and Malcolm
Spiritual Town Hall with Vassula and Malcolm

The following day was the live interview for Malcolm Out Live, which was broadcast on the web for viewers around the world to watch. The vivacious interviewer, Malcolm and Vassula discussed the upcoming pilgrimage to The Holy Land, amongst other topics. Later that day we discovered that roughly 100 Americans will be joining the pilgrimage this year. It was through “Heaven is Real But So is Hell” that they became interested in joining the pilgrimage to learn more about True Life in God.

New Orleans

On June 3rd, our only day in New Orleans, we started the day at WGSO radio station. Here Jeff Crouer would interview Vassula live on his radio programme. It was aired a couple hours before Vassula’s book signing at the local Barnes & Noble, enabling the listeners, who did not know about the signing, to stop by the book store and meet Vassula.  

Jeff and Vassula at WGSO
Jeff and Vassula at WGSO

Whilst Vassula was speaking at Barnes & Noble, people having their coffee or entering the store would stop to hear what was being said. They were so interested in what they heard the they bought a signed copy of “Heaven is Real But So is Hell”. In one case a father and son were on their way home when they heard Vassula speaking with Jeff on the radio. They were intrigued by what Vassula was saying that they knew they had to meet her and so they did.

Father and son intrigued by what Vassula was saying
Father and son intrigued by what Vassula was saying

Los Angeles, California  

The next couple of days, in LA, were spent taping the pilot to another new talk show. There are several talk shows around the world but none like the one that was filmed with Vassula. It incorporated religion in our everyday lives, helping us fine the answers in God, allowing us to turn to Him for help rather than away from Him. Although the women present had various religious beliefs they all left eager to read “Heaven is Real But So is Hell” as they were on their own spiritual journey; it was not by chance that met Vassula at this point in their lives.

 Group that was helping filming the program
Group that was helping filming the program

During our stay in Los Angeles, we also managed to go to Adoration with the members of Prayer for Hollywood. They are trying to bring Christianity back into Hollywood.

Jesus once said to Vassula “I love you for having allowed Me to prosper you and, through you, others; never fear” (October 20, 1994). Throughout the trip in the United States, we met with individuals who are on their spiritual journey. By speaking with Vassula, and reading “Heaven is Real But So is Hell”, a lot of their questions were answered and they continued their road to God. More importantly these questions were asked in front of a public audience, guiding them as well. It is a blessing that so many have been touched and it is these blessed individuals that will continue their journey by joining us in The Holy Land. Indeed, the Word of God is prospering as are those who believe in the mission.

By: Inga Ekman



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