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Vassula had a visit with The Greek Orthodox priest, Father Atallah. He and Vassula knew each other previously. He is the spokesman for the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem and the Holy Land. In the evening we shared a meal with him at his residence in Jerusalem. He told her that she has the blessings of the Greek Orthodox Church here in the Holy City. Vassula mentioned to him that she had also received blessings from Father Vassilis in Jerusalem. He suggested that we go to the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate and visit Patriarch Irineos.

Father Atallah mentioned that he had recommended to the Synod that they should select an Abbot from a monastery to become Patriarch. He added that he would e-mail Patriarch Bartholomew and let him know that Vassula had visited with him.

We called the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate to visit with Patriarch Irineos. However, they said he was not receiving guests at the time.

Vassula and Father Theodosius Hanna (Atallah) in Jerusalem
Vassula and Father Theodosius Hanna (Atallah) in Jerusalem

Tuesday, May 31, 2005 became another marathon day of meetings. Vassula had a meeting at The Romanian Patriarchate where she spoke with Archimandrite Ieronium Cretu, the Patriarchal Representative. He has an ecumenical center. He expressed to Vassula how wonderful it is to bring people together. She explained to him that the True Life in God Messages revive the soul and are for renewal. She spoke to him about unity and emphasized that division is a sin. She also spoke to him about the Apostasy and told him about the prophecy of Romania in the messages. Dec 24, 1989

Vassula and Father Ieronium also exchanged some words in Greek as he speaks Greek. He welcomed Vassula and the TLIG ecumenical group to come to his Cathedral to commune in two years, and because he was so pleased with our ecumenical group, he invited Vassula and our group to come not only to his Cathedral, but also to the new Cathedral in Jericho to commune when it is finished. Vassula mentioned to him that Bishop Theophylactos had welcomed us in the St. George Cathedral in Cairo, Egypt. Upon hearing this, Father Ieronium exclaimed that he said he knows Bishop Theophylactos very well.

In an ensuing conversation, Vassula and Father Ieronium also touched on subjects concerning Freemasonry. Finally, Vassula talked to him about the Beth Myriams and especially the one in the Ukraine.

This same day one of our TLIG pilgrims, Zigmas, met Father Pavich at Notre Dame. At breakfast he spoke with him and explained to him the clarifications on True Life in God and gave him the CDF booklet.

 Vassula with Archimandrite Ieronium Cretu in Jerusalem
Vassula with Archimandrite Ieronium Cretu in Jerusalem


Vassula and Fr. Ieronium offering us hospitality, Romanian Patriachate In Jerusalem
Vassula and Fr. Ieronium offering us hospitality, Romanian Patriachate In Jerusalem

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