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Arcbishop Vincent Concessao, Arcbishop of New Delhi

Vassula spoke at St. Columbas School Ground in New Delhi in 2006. When she was finished, Archbishop Concessao, who was present during the talk, also spoke. The following is an excerpt from his comments.

"All that we have heard is what is written in the Bible, but this is in a very personal way and shows that the Lord continues to speak. He is wonderful in His ways - He is a God of surprises and we do not know who He will use to communicate His messages. There was a time when Vassula did not practice - the Church meant nothing to her. This is a tremendous source of hope for all of us. The Lord is concerned about us and accompanies us on our pilgrimage here on earth. She emphasized the place of love in our lives and the Lord’s desire that we are all united, and to be disunited is in itself a state of sin. In a few days we will be celebrating the Christian Unity octave. The theme is "Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am among them". The gathering is taking place. There was a time when we were enemies to one another. There is a long way to go because Jesus prayed "may they be one" - that is the unity that the Father wants among us and, as Vassula said, "This unity of peace does not imply more expenditure - she managed to come with one ticket!! This is the kind of unity the Lord wants and I request all of you to pray for Christian unity. We do not know the way the Lord wants us to unite but the goal is clear - He wants one Church, one Shepherd.

Vassula, thank you. God bless you and your ministry."

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