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The "True Life in God" family visited Maghdouche and Our Lady of Mantara

An-Nahar Newspaper covers another story from the TLIG Pilgrimage


A group of the "True Life in God" international association is presently touring Lebanon, visiting its main holy and religious sites. This group of approximately 300 persons consisting of bishops, priests, monks, nuns, and lay people, representing 45 countries, including Lebanon.

They visited the town of Maghdouche, celebrating mass in the basilica of Our Lady of Mantara, presided by the bishop of the Melkite Greek Catholic diocese from Venezuela, Bishop Georges Kahhaleh, and assisted by the parish priest of Maghdouche, Fr. Toufic Hourani, as well as Fr. Samir Nohra, priest of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mantara.

The Melkite Greek Catholic Archbishop of Sidon and Deir-el-Amar, Archbishop Georges Kwaiter and a number of monks and nuns were also present.

Later on, everybody went on to visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mantara and the Grotto where the Virgin waited for her son Jesus while he visited the coastal village of Sarepta in South Lebanon.

The organizer of the association and pilgrimage, Mrs. Vassula Ryden, declared that the pilgrimage to the Holy Lands will include besides Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt.

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