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Miracle in Los Angeles

Blessed Virgin Mary Appears Enshrouded in Light in Front of Vassula Ryden during a Talk She Gave in January 2009

January 18, 2009. First day of the "Week of Prayer for Christian Unity" participated by all major Christian Churches worldwide. Also, the birthday of Vassula Ryden - who for more than 23 years has been receiving genuine Messages from Jesus Christ.

Her Mission, as Jesus has instructed her ... "Revive My House, Embellish My House, Unite My House." and to tell the world all that He has to say.

She has, since the beginning of her call and conversion in 1985, been invited to speak at almost 900 meetings in 73 countries and 6 continents. Here, in these photos, she is speaking at one such a meeting in Los Angeles, California, USA to about 500 people who came to hear the miraculous story and to find out for themselves what Jesus is telling the world TODAY.

Signs and Miracles have always accompanied Vassula's mission and meetings. Some small. Some large. Some seen by some. Some seen by all. On this occasion, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in front of Vassula during her talk and illuminated the entire room.

Here's What a Few People Had to Say

"I saw a very thick and beautiful golden aura around her when she was speaking to us and a very bright golden light behind her. On one occasion, I saw the Virgin Mary to her right and three times I saw the Virgin with a golden veil and a light golden facial complexion to Vassula’s left side in front of her."

- Mr. Richard E. Najera
Santa Monica School
Los Angeles
18 January, 2009

...I came in and the whole auditorium was lit up and this big bright white light was right on top of Vassula. I was actually annoyed and I said to myself 'what is going on here ... no one can see Vassula speak because of this bright light streaming directly over her head'. I stepped out and when I came back in the auditorium it was dark again and you could see Vassula again speaking at the podium.

- Sara Annunziata
Long Island, New York

...when I was looking at her I could see upon her head like a crown golden rays shining in her hair and flowing down and when she started praying ... in front of my eyes Vassula became a body of light and in the middle of that light I saw no more Vassula, but Jesus Christ with His beautiful face, I can never forget that vision ...

- Nvard Kouyoumhian
Los Angeles, California

Here is an Excerpt of What Vassula Had to Say About the Miracle

I had asked Jesus the previous night to really show me that He will be with me the day I will be witnessing for the unity of the church. I asked for a sign, (I rarely ask for signs) but this time I did. To me this was the sign. Christ sent our Blessed Mother to show Herself and to tell us that all what I say for Church Unity is from Her Son Jesus and that True Life in God is a True Message. That I did not choose this gift or asked for it but that Her Son Jesus Christ is sending me to transmit to the Churches His Own Words and what He wants and how He wants Unity to be like. It was also my birthday present from Jesus and Mary that day.

I was careful then not to go ahead and announce this (miracle) with enthusiasm but to get proof before. Proof came the following days by 2 witnesses so far that said that they saw Our Lady appear in light in the place we see her in the photo, on my left side and in front of me.

I thank God for His Presence.

In Christ,

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