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September 11th Prophecy

by Vassula, Rome, January 10, 2002

"Wake up from your sleep,
rise from the dead,
and Christ will shine on you".
(Ep 5, 14)

Dear TLIG friends,

May the blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ and of our Father in heaven be on each family. I wish to thank each one of you for all your efforts in propagating our Lord's message but also I want to thank you for your prayers and Masses offered for myself and for the members of my family who are sick.

I want to take up here below again the prophecy given by our Lord on the 11th September 1991, ten years before the awful day in New York and the consequences that followed it. But before coming into that I want to say a few words. Those that know me must have noticed that during these 16 years that I have been receiving this prophetic revelation from our Lord, in all my witnessing, and they have been many, more than 700 times, I never brought up apocalyptic issues, nor have I spoken in doom and gloom terminology, neither have I raised my arms prophesying that the world will come to its end (like many have falsely accused me of), but my discourses were on the sweetness and tenderness of our Lord. The immense love he has for us and of how to turn our lives into an unceasing prayer. My call was to address everyone in terms that the Lord wanted me to address you: reminding all of you that we are sons and daughters of the Most High, therefore of royal descent since our Father is the King of kings, he is Majesty and Splendour and we are heirs to his Kingdom and hear me, no one, no one, should ever take away this from your mind. We are very precious to God. I also spoke that we should amend our lives and live in unity and not divided. I have also addressed different Churches around the world to reconcile and unite reminding them as well that we are living all, even the highest dignitary, in sin; why? Because our division is a sin, and Scriptures say that: "Everyone who knows what is the right thing to do and doesn't do it commits a sin." (Jm 4, 17). So everyone knows that division is against God's will and yet to this day, we remain divided. Scriptures cannot be rejected.

When Christ said to the Father, "may they be one in us, as you are in me and I am in you, so that the world may believe it was you who sent me," (Jn 17, 21), this supplication of Christ for us that we be so unified, clearly intonated that the entire creation will be (must be) affected into a spiritual unity and not a unity of the letter or by a signed treaty. But, such a spiritual unity that the whole world gets affected cannot be made without the Holy Spirit of God endowing his power to mankind. The Holy Spirit then must raise new apostles to go and evangelise the world and draw the whole world's faith in Christ. So, considering our remaining division, and the world in its actual state, I would say that the Church has shown its weakness in this respect. Still, in spite of our weakness and wretchedness the Holy Spirit knowing our failures never stopped pouring his graces on mankind, covering us with his gifts. He is out there making a lot of noise so that in the end even the deaf who barricaded themselves will hear him and finally open the doors of their hearts; and those that were dead will come to life. From having ceased to be they will once more be. Even if this division did not come directly from us but from our forefathers, we are still guilty because we are keeping it alive so long as we remain divided. The Church has to be consolidated and the only hope of consolidating the Church is unity. The only hope of changing the world is to evangelise it, so I wish that the Church could give me a hand, rather then persecuting me to stop the flow of the Holy Spirit!

The world as you see today is in total chaos. Chaos comes from the great apostasy. The world apostasised as it is has no place for God, since it is occupied by a self-realization. The world today refuses to give glory to God and we are living in a time when every good is transformed into evil. The Christians are ceaselessly being dechristianized because of our division, either that or they are constantly falling into error. This generation does not live in the love of God, as our Lady once said to us, the world lives in egoism, selfishness, greed, hatred, vice and sin and to top it denying the goodness of God. Furthermore, how do we expect the Church to be credible in front of the rest of the world's eyes when it preaches peace, love, unity, brotherhood and reconciliation to countries that are massacring their people, when we, at the same time, in our own centre, are massacring the Body of Christ by throwing venomous arrows on one another? We, the royal household of Christ, have bartered our glory for shame. God is calling all of us, and inviting us to be one, "so that the world may believe," (Jn 17, 21). So only when the Church will be healed by uniting and regain her strength, only then would she be able to reconcile the world to God. At that very moment, consolidated as she would be, she will be able to overturn all the dark powers and the evils that darkened our world and the dominion of the evil one will be overturned.

When I am talking about how the world has fallen in an apostasy, of course I do not mean everyone, but the majority and a big majority too. In these last days we have all noticed how the world is suffering more than before. We have noticed how so many countries are at war or at the brink of war. There is a lot of destruction around the world and diseases as well. Unemployment is thriving everywhere. Floods that took away lots of lives before the heavy snow storms come. Cattle and flocks of sheep slaughtered by the thousands, ruining the farmers and making scarce the meat and even to make people be afraid to eat beef. Fires (like the one in Australia) and slides of mud burying so many in Brasil. Harsh winter everywhere, freezing hundreds to death in Russia and in Poland. Etc.

Now you might say, well, these things have always been happening now and then in history. Can you say that since last September, the year before and the year before that we were in the same situation or has our situation worsened?

Let us once more look at the prophecy of 11th September 1991. By the way, if I had the time I would have written a little booklet mentioning all the prophecies in the TLIG messages that have been accomplished. There are many. Even details that I am sure not many have seized them. For instance, the historical events of Russia to this day. The Church of Romania. The second Pentecost, the call of the Two Witnesses who according to Scriptures are divine and who represent Jesus and the Virgin Mary, (full explanation given on the 24th December 1991 etc.)

To this day, I am receiving messages from our Lord who still is waiting that each heart opens to him. According to what he says, there is not much of a response from the faithful to really decide for God and improve their life. A lot have returned back to their "vomit" and it reminds us again of the parable of the seed. Another parable that the Lord reminds us of is the one of the father and the two sons who are asked to go out to the vineyard and work. Another parable he had reminded us are of the talents. In his graciousness God has been pouring on us sanctified graces to revive us and to revive his House. Not everyone responded fully to our Lord yet. Many are still tepid or worse still indifferent to his call. We all know how infinitely rich our Lord is in his grace. Many of you were dead (so was I) through sins and apathy towards God when we were all following the ways of this world, being an easy prey for Satan, becoming even his toy because he was ruling our lives. But our Lord loved us, (the first time the angel spoke of God to me he had said, God is near you and loves you) God loved us so much that not standing to see us going for the fires he, I would say, descended all the way to our level to reach us, showing his infinite mercy and though we were dead from our sins he brought us to life. Yes, it is through grace that I was saved and so many of you. We did not deserve it for our merits were nil.

So what does the prophecy say in the beginning? It says, "My eyes look down at the world of today, searching nation after nation, scanning soul after soul for some warmth, for some generosity and for some love, but very very few enjoy My favour." I will stop here and explain. When the Lord says that he does not find warmth nor generosity, nor love to be given to him, he does not mean it only for himself, but among us. Scriptures say that "anyone who says, 'I love God', and hates his brother, Is a liar..." (1 Jn 4, 20). Love is missing, to be generous and kind with one another is still missing. The other saying of Scriptures as well is scarcely followed: "So always treat others as you would like them to treat you; that is the meaning of the Law and the Prophets" (Mt 7, 12), as well as, "Anyone who does not take his cross and follow in my footsteps is not worthy of me. Anyone who finds life will lose it; anyone who loses his life for my sake will find it" (Mt 10, 38-39). In other words, one must reach out to serve one another, care for one another, leave our comfort to bring souls to God. This has not been done. As I said, many, being far from God, live selfishly only for themselves with a total indifference towards the needs of the poor, the needy, the lonely.

Then the words that follow are: "very few bother to live a holy life and the days are fleeing and the hours are now counted before the great retribution. My cities (souls) have become a harlots - pitiless! They have become a citadel for the demons! All corrupt from within, eaten up by worm! A refuge for the viper and the scorpion! How can I not breathe on these renegades My purifying fire?" Our Lord, disappointed with us, for he sees that in spite of his merciful calls very few want to listen for their incredulity has taken the better part of them. Others not only do they refuse to believe but take it as their mission and their duty to combat every step of our Lord in this message, thus extinguishing the fire of the Holy Spirit of grace that can brighten our interior and prevent catastrophic events to take over.

Then he says "the earth will shiver and shake and every evil built into Towers will collapse into a heap of rubble and be buried in the dust of sin! This part I gave already the explanation to you all in this Web site. It regards the twin towers of New York that even before this prophecy around 3 years before it, while watching one day a documentary of Manhattan (New York) on my TV, and they showed the town from across the sea, I saw what happened on the 11th September 2001. I saw the smoke and an apocalyptic scene and I found myself saying: "and all of this will be no more..." I have two witnesses for this last oral prophecy.

Then comes a supplication from Christ asking us to, "pray that the Father's Hand will not come down in winter". I do not think we prayed enough because the Hand of God indeed came down just before winter comes in! One of the coldest in many years... where as I said so many people froze to death in Russia, in Poland and in Turkey and Greece they have it very rough. The prophecy continues to speak about "flames and thunder," "The islands, the sea and the continents will be visited by me unexpectedly with thunder and by flame. Look what a trial Australia had with fire. But this is not all, fire means war also.

Then what follows is a reminder to all those who fearlessly persecute the merciful call of God, even to call it evil, throwing mud on it that by doing so, they are blaspheming the Holy Spirit, committing the unforgivable sin. This is what he says: "Read our messages and stop being scornful or deaf when heaven speaks. Lower your voices and you will hear ours. Think twice before you judge; think more than twice before you condemn the works of the Holy Spirit. I shall not spare anyone who mocks the Holy Spirit, blaspheming him outright". Then he reminds us of what awaits those who blaspheme, "Justice will send them down to the underworld".

If certain minds and hearts cannot be touched easily it is perhaps that they have become too technical and unfortunately too rationalistic. In this technical environment Christ's mercy is blemished as well as the simplicity of a spiritual life in God. But the real reason is that these people have never had a vision of God while here on earth and therefore never "met" God and never had any intimate conversation with the Godhead. In other Words, they do not know God. Not to know God is a sin. Ah, and so many are in this sin! So again, if we were allowed, or rather, if the Holy Spirit was allowed to blow within each one of those closed hearts a resurrection breath, in this resurrection they will stand up and realize that evangelising is a necessity to reconcile the world that is so estranged from God. Evangelizing a dechristianized society is also a means of allowing people of every race and creed to return to God and start seeking God's face. Every creature on earth could benefit and having thus surrendered to God the Holy Spirit will do the rest and extirpate all obstacles that hinder them to a complete divine union of love with the Triune God. So one should be very careful, not to harm the Mystical Body of Christ thinking he is doing good by extinguishing the fire of the Spirit and persecute the variety of gifts he distributes for the well being of the Church, but allow his flame to purify and enliven this putrefied world into a new heaven and a new earth, into a new and glittering Jerusalem. Now I sound very apocalyptic, but for heaven's sake we are living apocalyptic times and if anyone denies it then let me also know which cocoon you have installed yourself in to join you as well...

The Lord ends his message by asking us once more to repent! And ask the Father to relent. Yet, he says that soon we shall see him as the Judge. When God turns away his holy face, one feels it, but when he looks at us, it is like the rays of the sun that shine on us giving us joy and warmth. So I sometimes feel that since the 11th September somewhat this world made God turn away his face away from it. That does not means that his love has lessened but it seems that we are collecting the harvest we have sown.

But hear me, the triumph of the Two hearts has to come and I know, believe me, it is just around the corner. God will triumph, he must! Yes! Has he not spoken that Spring will come on this earth? And that unity will come as quickly and unexpectedly as the Communism fell? The TLIG message is a message of hope. Yes, indeed God has been warning us that we are going to draw upon us all sorts of disasters, wars, etc. unless we repented. The world does not want to repent truly. Still he promises us the Holy Spirit as never before in history. We have to watch and pray. We have to grow in our love for one another, we have to be good, we have to be good, we have to be good and generous and serve as well and help the oppressed, mainly, we have to live the Scriptures and enliven the letter and this goes as much for his message of TLIG.

Pray for the sinner that I AM,

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