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The 2nd visit of Vassula to Congo (RDC) from 15 to 22nd May 2015


The second mission of Vassula’s in the Democratic Republic of Congo was once again a great success! Initially foreseen for 4 cities : Kinshasa, Kikwit, Lubumbashi, and Likasi, the visit was finally settled for the first 3 cities. Accompanied by Fr. Rolf and Ms Varda, Vassula arrived in Lubumbashi on the night of May 15, on a special flight organized with Our Lord's blessings.


On May 16th, (Saturday) at 11h30, Vassula and her group were welcomed by the Archbishop of Lubumbubashi, His Excellency Msgr. Jean-Pierre Tafunga. The meeting was very friendly, and allowed both personalities to get to know each other and exchange views on a certain number of topics related to Vassula's mission.

At 14h20, together with the Archbishop, the group went to the stadium called « Stade Tout Puissant Mazembe » where a big crowd was awaiting Vassula's conference. Among them were members of the provincial authorities, notably the Governor of the Province of Katanga, Moïse Katumbi and his dear spouse Carine Katumbi, the ministers and other city authorities, and many religious representatives. The audience present at the conference was estimated at fifteen thousand people, according to some sources.

It was the Archbishop himself who presented Vassula, through some welcoming words. The Archbishop wanted to reassure his guest that he indeed reads the messages of True Life in God. He notably cited an extract of the book «  Heaven is Real, but so is Hell », which meaningfully struck him.: «  If people would take seriously the warnings regarding Satan, he would already have been banned from the hearts of men and of the world. If people would take into account God's calls to conversion, all men and women would already be holy ». (Page 247).

The message given by Vassula was very welcomed and everyone was touched by the depth of the message on Repentance, Prayer, Spiritual Warfare, and other themes as well.

Vassula attends a dinner with Clergy after the Conference
Vassula speaks to the Orthodox and Catholic priests 


On Sunday, May 17, Vassula attended Holy Mass at the Lubumbashi Cathedral where she was welcomed and introduced to the assembly by the Parish priest of the Cathedral.

Fr. Rolf
TLIG Congo organizer Ange and Vassula

Step 2 : KIKWIT 

On Monday, May 18th   at 11h00, a private jet took off from  Lubumbashi to Kikwit, 2,000 kms. away. On board were Vassula Rydén, Fr. Rolf, Varda, Betty, Ange and a journalist from the TV channel Digital Congo;

At the Kikwit airport, after a 2hr. 45mins. flight, Vassula and her group were warmly welcomed by Msgr. Eduard MUNUNU, bishop of Kikwit,  Senator Jean MABAYA and other political and religious personalities of the city of Kikwit. A military band was there as well. It played a Hymn for Unity composed specifically for the event.

After the welcoming ceremonies at the airport, Vassula was accompanied by a convoy of  many vehicles that crossed the city’s streets, lined by the population that enthusiastically greeted her along the way, until she reached the private residence of  Senator MABAYA where the group was invited to stay overnight. 

Residence of Senator Mabaya
Bishop of KIKWIT exchanges words with Vassula

The day ended with a Press Conference given by Vassula who was to be named from then on "MAMA VASSULA. »  She was assisted by Fr. Rolf, Ange, and many jouranlists from the local and national press.

After the Press Conference, the group was invited for dinner by Msgr. Eduard MUNUNU with leaders of different Christian denominations : Protestants, Orthodoxes, Roman Catholics and other denominations called "Eglises de réveil".

On May 19th, at 10h00, Mama Vassula received a delegation from the Orthodox Church community, led by Fr. Charles GONZO.

At 14h30, the delegation went to the esplanade of the Cathedral, where a big crowd singing and dancing awaited « Mama Vassula. »

Vassula was introduced by the Bishop with some welcoming words, followed by the presentation of « Mama Vassula » by Fr. Rolf. The presentation was translated into Kikongo, one of the national languages of RD Congo.  

On the esplanade of the Kikwit Cathedral.

The audience of 12-15,000 people

Mama Vassula made two requests to the  Kikwit population : 1) Pray so that the Lord helps the population to get out of misery; 2) Create, with the collaboration of people of good will, a Beth Myriam in Kikwit.

The conference was attentively listened to by the audience, and appreciated by the Bishop, who had unexpectedly  improvised another speech to convey his joy. He ended by singing with the crowd a song composed by himself, which expressed that the Lord had just visited His people in Kikwit... It was very moving.

The audience that attended Vassula’s conference was between 12 and 15 thousand people. The event was broadcasted  direct via sattelite by  Digital Congo nationwide, in Kikwit by Venus TV and in Lubumbashi by Nyota TV.

The big dinner that followed, organized  by Senator MABAYA, ended this grace-filled day which will remain in the memory of the population of the Church of Kikwit.

Visit to a school in  surrounding  Kikwit

The Kikwit mission ended beautifully on Wednesday, May 20th with an improvised visit to a monastery and to some seminaries that are known to be among the oldest in the country.

At the foot of the plane, Msgr. Eduard MUNUNU and all the delegation accompanying him bade farewell to Mama Vassula who was going to Kinshasa, the last step of her 2nd visit to Congo.  

The plane used to  travel to Kikwit and on to Kinshasa
Vassula receives a gift from the Bishop
The Bishop says good bye to Vassula
Fr. Rolf and his hat from  Kikwit

Step 3 : KINSHASA 

On May 20th, Wednesday, in the early afternoon, the group arrived in Kinshasa from Kikwit. After the welcoming ceremonies and airport formalties, Vassula and her group stayed in a hotel close to the Congo River.

In the evening, at 20h00, Mama Vassula was invited to meet the  President of the Senate, Monsieur Léon Kengo Wa Dondo, who insisted on meeting her, so as to hear from  Mama Vassula herself, all about the experience she lived through with Our Lord. Mr Kengo was marvelled by the witnessing of  Mama Vassula and after hearing her testimony he then decided to read all the  messages of True Life in God! 

Vassula and the President of the Senate

On May 21st,Thursday, the conference that was supposed to take place at the Tâta Raphaël stadium at 14h30 was moved to 16h00 due to the heat.   It was a working day, and  offices close after 16h00. A crowd estimated at more than 3000 people came to hear the messages.


In the evening, at 20h00, a dinner was offered by the Organizing Committee of  True Life in God RDC Association. Among the guests were Mr. Kengo Wa Dondo, President of the Senate of the Democratic Republic of Congo and some members of his office. There were also some priests. 


Witnessing of Senator Mabaya

At this event, there were many other testimonies from people who were touched by the messages of True Life in God. These testimonies will be gathered in a document to be soon sent to the wider TLIG commuity.

On May 22nd, before taking her plane, Mama Vassula went to console a priest (Fr. Crispin), who was paralysed for many years due to a car accident.
Airport of Kinshasa, before the flight to Istanbul.

In summary, the message of True Life in God is welcomed with great fervor in the Democratic Republic of Congo ; this includes the entire comprehensive population : religious, political autorities, all denominations...


Established in Lubumbashi, 04 June 2015


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