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Vassula addresses Evangelical Community

Barcelona, January 16th, 2014

“There is one Body and one Spirit, one Lord, one faith, and one baptism”

Vassula’s address in Barcelona, like those that followed during the Spiritual Retreat in Fatima, Portugal, was about Church Unity. This is the unity for which Jesus pleads through His messages of True Life in God. He wishes for the Churches to take the first step and unify the dates of Easter.

On January 16th, 2014, at 9.00 in the morning, Vassula, accompanied by her husband, set out from Rhodes, on a transit flight to Barcelona through Athens, where we met. In Barcelona we were welcomed by Pilar. We left our luggage at the hotel and set out almost straight away for the area of St. Cugat, where, in the “Casa de la Cultura”, Vassula’s address was to be delivered at 8.00 on the same evening. This meeting had been organized by the Evangelical pastor Josep Monells in co-operation with Pilar.

Vassula is introduced by pastor Josep Monells
About 40 people, most of them Evangelicals, attended Vassula’s address with great interest
Vassula witnessing, with Pilar translating into Spanish

About 40 people had gathered in the room, most of them Evangelicals, and some were already familiar with the TLIG messages. For this reason, Vassula made a short introduction. As always, her address was replete with love for Jesus, but also with the authority derived from the Holy Spirit. She spoke about the Apostasy and the spirit of rebellion typical of our times, emphasizing that this is also a time of Mercy, since the Holy Spirit lavishly pours out His graces in these end times. She spoke about the prophecies she has received from God in a period of 27 years and which have come true… and she focused on the pain we cause Jesus by remaining divided for so many centuries as a result of our human nature. “Selfishness, a lack of humility and love keep the Body of Christ divided. We do not know how to love Christ appropriately, for if we loved Him, we should have been united in diversity.” She asked us to pray for Church leaders, so that, with the grace granted by the Holy Spirit, they can recognize the signs of the end times. “‘There is one Body and one Spirit, one Lord, one Faith and one Baptism’. This will ultimately be the Triumph of Jesus Christ.”

I have attended many of Vassula’s speeches and I have heard her talk about the Apostasy, the rebellion within the Church of Christ, about the signs of the end times, about the Father, the Holy Spirit, the Unity of the Church. However, each time, through her speech, the Holy Spirit illuminates different aspects and opens up new avenues so that we can better understand the Word and the Works of God!

Upon entering the room, before Vassula had begun her address, there was an awkward atmosphere, perhaps even some apprehension about what the audience would hear. However, the words of Christ, delivered through the mouth of His prophet, touched all hearts. After Vassula had concluded, she responded to questions from members of the audience, who later rushed to buy the new TLIG book, which contains all of the messages in Spanish, signed by Vassula.

Following the address, there was a dinner held at a traditional Spanish restaurant with a Catholic bishop, an Orthodox priest and two Evangelical pastors, one of whom had organized Vassula’s address in Barcelona. They were enthusiastic about the TLIG pilgrimages, where clergy and laity from different Christian denominations join and get a foretaste of the unity Christ expects from His shepherds and His flock. The bishop said: “What I have realized by reading the TLIG Messages is that this dinner would have been impossible 30 years ago…”

On the following day, January 17th, Pilar and Victor, her husband, kindly took us sightseeing in Barcelona. Maria, one of Pilar’s childhood friends, led us through the “Holy Cross” Cathedral of the city and the picturesque alleyways of the old town, where Gothic, Arabic and neo-classical architecture co-exist. Our last destination was the famous “Church of Christ”, built by the well-known Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi, which has not yet been completed. 

One of the entrances to the “Church of Christ”, by architect Gaudi.

On January 18th, the first day of the week dedicated to Church Unity, we celebrated Vassula’s birthday all together. In a happy atmosphere, she blew out the candles on the cake and received birthday wishes from everyone present.

Happy birthday in Barcelona!

On the same evening, we attended the Ecumenical celebration of Church Unity in the Barcelona cathedral, with the following participants: the Archbishop of Barcelona, Roman Catholic clergy, delegates of the Greek Orthodox, Roman, Serbian and Russian Churches as well as Evangelical delegates.

Unite!  Assemble! Invoke My Name together! Consecrate My Body and My Blood together! Do not persecute the Way! Humble yourselves and bend to be able to unite and glorify Me…” (TLIG, October 14th, 1991)

We prayed to Jesus Christ, the High Priest of the Mystical Body of the Church, to gather all nations under His Holy Name, we pleaded with the Holy Spirit, the inner Source of Christian Unity, to inspire the Church authorities to listen and understand this time, the pain that our division causes to the Lord…

Only the Son of God can “gather into one the children of God who are scattered abroad” (John 11:52).

Ecumenical celebration of Church Unity, in the Barcelona Cathedral

On January 19, we attended the Holy Mass of St. John Chrysostom at the Church of Santa Maria de Montserrat, celebrated by bishop G. Agapitos. After the Holy Mass, the bishop talked about Vassula and the TLIG messages and invited her to speak. Among the congregation, there were people who were familiar with the messages and Vassula’s work. They spoke with her and were interested in the new Spanish edition of TLIG, containing all messages from 1986 to 2003.

The Church of Santa Maria de Montserrat. Vassula addressing the congregation.
After Mass, she displays the new Spanish edition of the TLIG book to those interested.

After having lunch with the bishop at his residence, we departed by train for Madrid and from there by car, on a three-hour journey to Caceres, a beautiful medieval town, with its walls still preserved. At Caceres, we stayed with Pilar in her medieval house.

Everyone in the parish was aware that on the evening of February 20th, the Byzantine Holy Mass of St. John Chrysostom would be celebrated at the Caceres Cathedral. The church was filled to capacity. The interest that our Roman Catholic brothers took in participating in the Byzantine Mass of St. John Chrysostom was impressive.

Caceres Cathedral filled to capacity, during the Byzantine Holy Mass.

The bishop of Caceres and some priests had been invited to dinner at Pilar’s residence. After dining and celebrating Per’s (Vassula’s husband) birthday, just three days after Vassula’s, the discussion focused on the unity of the Church. Vassula talked about her mission, which is the unity of the Church, and said that we should pray for Church leaders to unite the Body of Christ and together declare with one voice that “there is one Body and one Spirit, one Lord, one faith, and one baptism.”

Vassula talking to priests about the TLIG messages and her mission.

As the readers of TLIG messages are aware, the Lord repeats in them many times that Vassula’s mission is to bring His people around one altar so that they can worship Him all together. And this is what Vassula has been doing, for 27 years now, with the same love and sense of responsibility for the task she has been assigned…


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