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 Retreat in Peru

28-31 October, 2012

On October 28th, early in the morning we departed from Mexico to Peru, the last destination of this trip to Latin America. Our trip was long and we arrived in Lima late at night, but unfortunately for us, our luggage did not. It took a long time to claim that our luggage had been lost and our Peruvian friends, Javier, Marcela, Liliana and Mario who were waiting for us at the airport, thought that we were not in this flight. As it was very late, they drove us straight to the hotel. Overall, Lima seemed a very quiet town.

The next morning, October 29th, after we retrieved our luggage we departed for the Carmelites monastery where the retreat would take place. On the way, we stopped at a church, which was filled with people that were praying the Rosary. They were celebrating the anniversary of the 12 years of the foundation of their community: a community to honor the appearances of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje. Then, passing through narrow roads with potholes that overstretched Vassula’s back, we stopped at a Benedictine monastery for lunch and to rest. In the afternoon we went back to the church dedicated to Our Lady of Medjugorje, where Vassula gave her testimony to about 300 people. In the temple were not only the participants of the retreat, but the whole Parish. For this talk, Pilar was translating in Spanish.

?he church, dedicated to Our Lady of Medjugorje where Vassula gave her testimony

Vassula transmitted Christ’s teachings, in a wonderful way, with joy and emotion. Each time I listen to her, it’s like the fist time I heard her witness for God. People are thirsty for spiritual food, and God’s words through Vassula are like a vivid prayer, a sweet song, a spiritual flame that transfigures the souls… like a warm hug, that nobody wants to end because people acknowledge that she is an instrument of God. The Scriptures say: How beautiful are the feet of the messenger of good news… (Rm. 10:15)

“I shall speak with authority through your mouth, yes; you shall be My Echo! And I will pour My treasures on this wretched generation to enrich their spirit with My Sprit;” (TLIG, June 18, 1994)



Vassula gave her testimony to about 300 people. For this talk, Pilar was translating in Spanish.


Vassula after her testimony with Fr. Eulogio Herran and Mons Joao Terra from Brazil.

Vassula in her testimony repeats what the Lord has taught her all these years, and are found in the messages of True Life in God: “What I learned from God is the True Theology … The Holy Spirit, with His Power makes apostles that will revive the Church at the End of Times … Repentance is an act of humility … Love is to do the Will of God …”
“I had been saying: to you I shall offer My Song and to prove My faithful Love I would give your society memories of My Holy Countenance … since it is My Own Love Hymn to you all; (TLIG, June 15, 1994)

After her speech, people bought books and copies of paintings that were signed by Vassula. Before our departure, some people from the community thanked Vassula and asked her to bless them with the cross.

We arrived late at Carmelites’ monastery and while there met the participants of the retreat who were not only from Peru, but also from Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Puerto Rico and some European countries as well. Among them was Mons Raimundo Revoredo, Fr. Eulogio Herran and Fr. Antonio Artola from Peru, Fr. Godwin and Mons Joao Terra from Brazil, and Mons Teran Dutari from Ecuador.


In the courtyard of the church, people buy TLIG books and copies of Vassula's paintings.



Vassula is signing Tlig books and pictures.

On the morning of October 30th, the retreat began with Vassula’s speech. The hall was full and almost all the participants kept notes.
“We will endow her spirit, for Our Salvific Plan, with courage and when she will speak for Us, she will speak with authority because she will be following Our Royal Command.” (TLIG, June 6, 2000)


This is the banner of the retreat: Be One under My Holy Name.


In the Carmelite’s Convent where the retreat took place. About 150 people participated from Peru, but also from Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Puerto Rico and some European countries as well.





Later on, we watched through a computer, wonderful testimonies from Peru and Brazil. Marcela and Liliana from Peru, Margarita, Veronica and Carlúcio from Brazil, literally impressed the audience with their evangelizing activities. “The fruit of your labours should multiply in their hands” (TLIG, March 3, 1995)

Here are briefly some of Marcela and Liliana’s activities done to spread the TLIG message to Peru from 2006 to today.

  • They have met with Clergy of different Christian denominations like the Orthodox Church, Anglican Church, Lutheran, Swedish Lutheran, Syriac, Presbyterians, etc to whom they gave the TLIG messages. .
  • They have had interviews with different Bishops from various cities of the provinces of Peru, to whom they gave the explanatory letter for the Doctrine of the Faith Congregation, and also the TLIG messages books.
  • They have also met with several priests and nuns like the Carmelites, Clarisas, and Dominicans. They have given talks about the TLIG messages and have shared videos.
  • Up to date, they have given more than one thousand talks about the TLIG messages.
  • They have visited schools, speaking to over a hundred students. They managed to give a separate conference to the teachers.
  • They have visited prisons, and since they have begun visiting this pavilion where there are approximately 80 to 90 inmates, have given testimony to mostly terrorists and high crime offenders.
Lilliana and Marcela presented to us the way they evangelize


Participants from different cities of Peru


Anna Lizarante in Peru, few years ago, with leaders of different church denomination



This was the first time since I have met Vassula that I saw her react with so much joy and pleasure. She got up, approached Marcela and Liliana, hugged, kissed them and said: “I have been in 77 countries and I have never seen such a testimony. Jesus wants such testimonies!”

The Brazilian group presented to us the way they evangelize. The Brazilians, in order to promote the messages or TLIG have published an agenda of 2013, with extracts of the messages and the feasts of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Church. They also presented to us the 6 Beth Myriams that exist in Brazil now and the way they operate them. You can read their report here.

The Brazilian group presented to us the way they evangelize.
Presentation from the Beth Myriams of Brazil

Vassula got up again, hugged and kissed the Brazilians and said: This is another wonderful testimony! Why don’t you go to Europe, which is almost dead, laying in a very deep lethargy?

Vassula expressing her gratitude for the wonderful testimonies.


In the TLIG retreats there is a spirit of brotherhood, love and unity. There is joy and happiness among people from different nations and denominations. We are gathering in the name of Jesus Christ to honor Jesus Christ. We are gathering to pray, to meditate, to thank and glorify God.

Group photo of the participants in the retreat.


As Scripture says: “But you are a chosen race, a kingdom of priests, a holy nation, a people to be a personal possession to sing the praises of God who called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light. Once you were a non-people and now you are the People of God; once you were outside his pity; now you have received pity. (1P. 2: 9-10)

We left late that night for Lima. The next day, our dear friends and organizers of the retreat in Lima, had prepared a farewell lunch for Vassula in the garden of Osma Museum, located in the old and traditional district of Barranco. The place was offered by the owners of the museum, readers of the Messages of True Life in God. At the Museum, we were guided through the halls that had the wonderful painting and sculpture collections. After the tour, the guides led us to the back garden of the Museum where during the meal, a band was playing traditional Peruvian music and dancers presented a wonderful show with dances and costumes from the local tradition. Everything was great: the environment, the food, the music, the show and the dearest TLIG family together again...

Peruvian traditional show in the garden of Osma Museum

Late that afternoon Vassula thanked the organizers and all those present, and we departed for our long distance trip back to Greece. Vassula’s mission to Peru was accomplished with great success.

The testimonies of the Peruvians and Brazilians should become an inspiration for those who want to do God's Will, working for the diffusion of His Love Hymn in this End of Times.

In Christ

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