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  • I Am always near you in your missions
  • I am by your side determined to protect you, to encourage you
  • I am displaying the riches and splendor of My Kingdom and the Glory of My Majesty
  • I am known to be the Teacher of mankind
  • I am the Gateway of Hope
  • I am the Key to Paradise
  • I am the Maker of all things
  • I Am your Spiritual Guide and Counsellor
  • I descend in your times to put aflame this generation
  • I form those that I love by giving them trials
  • I have asked that this generation repents
  • I have been giving ample teachings to you and to this generation about the Holy Spirit
  • I have brought people who did not know Me to get to know Me and love Me
  • I have carved every word of Mine on your heart
  • I have come to you to express My desires I have for My Church
  • I live in the silence of your heart
  • I look sadly at My Church today
  • I made a New Song for them to be played on the strings of Love
  • I rule with Majesty with Authority, intrusively and with Mercy
  • I said I will be your guide and adviser
  • I want them to know Me as their God and Father
  • I will bring the House of the East together with the House of the West
  • I will continue to pour out water from the Spring of Life
  • I will give a new splendour to My Church
  • I will purge this earth by flame and sorrow
  • I will show My Glory through the Eastern House
  • I, Yahweh, your Father, will continue to speak through you
  • Il Giorno del Mio Ritorno è più vicino di quanto pensi
  • Il Mio Cuore si lamenta come il suono di un flauto
  • Il Mio Cuore si spezza nel guardare questa generazione collassare
  • Il Mio Santo Spirito
  • Il Mistero Stupefacente
  • In every square there will be lamentations
  • Io controllo ogni situazione
  • Io ho dato loro la vita per testimoniare la Mia Resurrezione
  • Io ho piantato questa Vigna e l’ho nominata: la vera vita in Dio
  • Io sono il tuo Consolatore
  • Io sono il tuo Maestro
  • Io sono il tuo Redentore
  • Io sono la Luce
  • Io sono la Pace
  • Io sono la Via
  • Io sono stato e sono ancora il Tuo Maestro
  • Io ti ho dato lezioni di spiritualità Bizantina
  • Io ti ho rivelato la condizione della Mia Chiesa
  • Io, Dio, esisto
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    16 Dicembre, 1988

    6 Settembre, 1988

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