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This Hymn of Love given to you all will lead everyone to repentance

August 4, 2014

My priest1, do not waver, place your feet in My Footprints, in this way you will not lose yourself… My Presence in your heart will not only bring enthusiasm, harmony and joy, but much more; it will bring you to discover My riches of My grace; you will discover many of My mysteries: divinization of human nature; I can turn what is dross today2 into angelicalness, perfected into My likeness, sublime and surpassing all earthly beauties;

hear Me: the branches take their life from the vine and it is the sap that keeps them alive to produce fruit; see? now, I have been nourishing you and others in order to produce your fruit; I have chosen you, you who were like dross and transformed you, healing you, to assure that you would be fruitful for My glory; you were weak, but My Wisdom gave you favours, that were to be used for your growth and for the greater glory to the Father!

your mission, that I have given you, Vassula, in particular, is not an easy one, but I tell you, My Heart throbs with Love for you; for in that weakness and in that poverty, I have observed how you have put your entire faith in Me; I do not need perfection, what I need is a lenient heart, undivided, contrite and willing; willing not only to be enjoying My Presence, but willing to do My Will; willing to be cast out as a sacrifice, to sacrifice herself for My Church; in return you will be, and are, enjoying My Companionship which gives you the strength to face your trials; this Hymn of Love given to you all will lead everyone to repentance, through a spiritual transformation, and in union with Me; to return to Me is the perfect fulfilment for I would then be possessing you and you would be possessing Me!

Spouse to that soul, I shall be, Holy Companion enjoying our intimate and divine Love in tranquillity, will be My wages to that soul, for serving Me; I, Jesus, am the sweetest Spouse who knows the longing of His bride: to be in the Beatific Vision, in the everlasting Life; how right are Scriptures when they say: "Love and Loyalty now meet, Righteousness and Peace now embrace; Loyalty reaches up from the earth and Righteousness leans down from heaven." (psalms 85: 10-11)

I bestow happiness, providing you with anointed gifts such as no human can ever provide you, My so beloved one; myrrh of Mine, I will perform miracles that I, God alone, can execute with one Word; adore Me, your God, for I am your refuge; I will put My angels to be in charge and guard you wherever you go in My Name; remind My people how, in calling out My Name, I save! Vassula, I, Jesus Christ, Son of God and Saviour, bless you; ic

1 Peter, ch 2: v. 5 and 9,10 but you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood...
2 meaning a worthless soul



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