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God’s favour will be shown soon

June 2, 2015


Message read out by Vassula for the first time in Rome during the 10th Ecumenical TLIG Pilgrimage in October 2015
Message read out by Vassula for the first time in Rome during the 10th Ecumenical TLIG Pilgrimage in October 2015
peace be with you; it is written in the Scriptures that My Father has put all things under My Feet and made Me the Ruler of everything; you have learned that I am the Head of My Church; now, all of these years, My Vassula, My Spirit of Truth has been showing His Power to you all to exercise and put into practice My words, which are: ‘may they all be one; Father, may they be one in Us as You are in Me and I am in You...’

- but Lord, as You know, even now when you speak, many of the Church’s dignitaries do not believe You do, even when in the past You wanted us to be one and united, no one accomplished Your Words; year after year goes by and nothing is happening; the lance’s blade is still lying in Your Heart...

I tell you solemnly, keep teaching all that I have given you and fear nothing, for My Spirit keeps you secure, putting both the will and the action in you to gather My shepherds, to remind them that there is One Bread and that all of you, although you are many, are but a single body; you are gathered (here) from different nations and different Churches, to pray for Mercy, for healing your division among yourselves, bringing peace to the world and unity among all Christians;

so I ask you truly: are you not consecrated to Me by your common baptism? look, I am willing to give you the gift of Unity, to lift My Church as a sign for every nation to see My Glory, but I need your full collaboration and willingness to bend in humility and love, - and to unite around one Altar and share My Body you must learn to love, for you all know that there is one Body, one Spirit, one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism, one God, Father of all and through all; and who abides in you all - and knowing this observance yet remaining scattered and unwilling to share in My Sacraments and the Mystery of the Eucharist, you are grieving My Spirit; why then are you asking Me to pour on you My Spirit to remove your division among you when your heart is ruling over your prejudices? do not grieve My Spirit anymore by remaining divided with your distinctions between you;

for how many times have I said that I am One? I ask you again: do you believe that My Body is a single beacon light, undivided, that shines over the entire world? today I come to you as the High Priest, to remind you to live in a manner worthy of your calling, to witness the Truth gathering everyone together in the unity of Faith, and that the sacrifice you are offering Me daily be the reason to bring you all to share this Mystery of the Eucharist; ask Me to revive your drooping spirit; ask Me to guide you in the right path! surely you believe of My Goodness and Kindness and that I am able to give you a new heart? so why do you keep groaning over your division? ask Me to strengthen you in Faith and to open your hearts to the Truth, and through the power of My Eucharist offer your lives for Unity; move forward, filled up with the Spirit of Love to make that Unity a reality in My Church!

give Me your worries and in My glorious Light I will transform them to give you peace in your hearts; blessed of My Soul, be of one mind so that you agree together to a treaty that will glorify My Body which is the Church; do not let any vacancy in your heart lest the enemy that is roaming around you fill that vacancy; esteem yourselves blessed for the Heavenly Father will work miracles and that victory will be granted to you all who seek Unity that has been awaited for so long;

your division has become a steep rock, unbending iron rods, with human laws and decrees, but the result now of your so many prayers, God’s favour will be shown soon; from the House of the East and the West, I need great reparations and I am ready to pardon their mistakes; I need all arrogance to cease, I need all pride to cease; rise then all of you for I need victorious warriors, warriors of faith, and not less; receive My Blessings for sharing with one another; I, Jesus Christ love all of you; ic



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