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Japan, Tokyo

Beth Myriam Tokyo


The homeless people lining up for a meal.

In December 2005, after Vassula’s visit to Japan in November, Satoru and his wife Jacqueline went out to the streets of Tokyo and found many homeless people living in the parks of this busy metropolis. They started bringing food once a week, and when they were joined by volunteers from the TLIG Prayer Group of Tokyo, they were able to feed more people, more often. They would simply choose a tree to hang up the icon of Our Lady, then set up their tables in the park and start feeding the homeless people.

Jacqueline and other BM volunteers serving.

During the past few months, the TLIG BM volunteers have been able to feed about 100 poor people once a week in Yoyogi Park’s covered area furnished with tables and chairs. The volunteers and the homeless people have become friends, talking together after the meals and sharing about their different problems. There is no mention of religion, but the volunteers simply inform the people that come to eat that this food comes from Our Lady. For those who want to say thank you for the food, the volunteers teach them to speak to Our Mother in Heaven in the short Hail Mary prayer, which many by now have memorized and willingly say before eating.

Enjoying a decent meal of Curry and rice.

Contact information

Address: Tokyo, Japan
Responsible:Satoru & Jacqueline Sugawara

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