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Beth Myriam Mumbai


Beth Myriam Van donated by one of the TLIG Mumbai Prayer Group members.

Certain members of the TLIG Mumbai Prayer Group received the call to help some of the poor of this city of nearly 13 million people, a few months after Vassula’s visit to India in December 2006. Sanjay Shinde, a Hindu convert, was introduced to the Messages of True Life in God while he was preparing for his baptism some years back. He and other members of the TLIG Mumbai Prayer Group decided to start their work of love at the coastal village of Gorai – on the western outskirts of Mumbai, setting up a kitchen in a room in the property of one of the members.

BM volunteer Sanjay cooks and feeds the poor on the sidewalks of Borivali

Once a week, they would make their way to a field where a community of tribal migrant workers were camped. Carrying a small table and placing a Cross and a picture of Our Blessed Mother on it, they would distribute food to 70-135 people, mostly children of migrant construction workers. They would sometimes end their sessions by reciting the Holy Rosary.

BM volunteers preparing and distributing food from the BM Van

During the monsoon season, this mobile Beth Myriam brings nutritious food to the poor people they would find living on the sidewalks and shanties of Poisar and Borivali. Many of the unfortunate people in these places are victims of the monsoon, often their makeshift dwellings and their only belongings are swept away by the torrential rains. Whether it is under the extremely hot sun or the wet pouring rain, the BM volunteers receive enough courage and strength from God to feed their needy brothers and sisters. They are touched to see these poor people happy to receive their food with humility and much gratitude.

The shanty dwellings in the rain

Contact information

Address: Mumbai, India
Responsible: Sanjay Shinde, John Lobo, Colin and Stella Ferreira
Tel: +91 22 65103651, +91 9833595182

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