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Argentina Beth Myriam

Beth Myriam Mendoza

The new Beth Myriam, Mendoza


This Beth Myriam, the first in Argentina, began in Juanita’s own house, where her husband Carlos, and three teenage daughters would help in serving and feeding elderly people and about 40 children from around the area; bathing them in their bathroom, since many of the children did not have water in the slums where they live. The needs of the area are many since 50% of Argentina’s population lives in poverty.

Having a meal between lessons

Sewing Class

In May 2006, a house located close to Juanita’s was rented where she and the TLIG volunteers now welcome the elderly, pregnant women, infants and children. 3 meals are served from Monday to Friday to 180 poor people. The sick are taken to Dr. Octavio’s home not far from the Beth Myriam. The TLIG volunteers give Sewing, Knitting, and Art lessons for adults, and 4 teachers help the children and teenagers with their schoolwork, bringing very positive results in school.

Celebrating Children’s Day last August in the Beth Myriam backyard

Testimony by the Beth Myriam Volunteers:

The Beth Myriam was inaugurated and blessed on June 10, 2006. Very wonderful happenings took place during preparations on May 29 and May 31st: “a very simple cardboard image of Our Lady of Medjugorje had changed Her expression, seemed to come alive, and Her eyes looked wet and full of tears.”

Our Lady weeps

On May 29, the TLIG volunteers had gathered together in the Beth Myriam to pray and had decided to do an Act of Consecration to Our Blessed Mother during the inauguration and blessing of the Beth Myriam on June 10. After a few hours, they were astonished to see a supernatural manifestation of Our Lady’s gladness. Two days later, the same wonder occurred, witnessed by many. “Her forehead was wet and looked as if She was perspiring and Her eyes were bright blue as clear skies. Some teardrops rolled down Her right cheek.” Priests, volunteers, guests, friends in the new Beth Myriam understood that Our Lady was showing them Her Tears in order to say that She is present and well alive in Her new house and She is very happy with their charitable work. Moreover, She seeks those children who will believe in Her Signs and be moved by Her Tears, and will do everything to console Her and Her Beloved Son. “Our Lady wanted to confirm Her live Presence among us, that this Beth Myriam is Her wish and that our Act of Consecration makes Her extremely happy!”, Juanita remarked

Juanita (left) with volunteers holding the cardboard image

On June 10, before the Opening and Blessing of the Beth Myriam, Holy Mass was celebrated in the nearby Parish of Nuestra Señora de Carrodilla. The Parish priest invited not only all the BM volunteers, but also every single person present, adult or child, man or woman, to consecrate themselves to Our Blessed Mother.

Contact information

Address: Mendoza, Argentina
Tel: 0054 261 436 1873

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