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Beth Myriams of Brazil

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BM Goiania


This Beth Myriam is located 250 kms. south of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. The house is in a zone of drug dealers, people are very poor, and helpless against the violence around, murders are an everyday happening. Constant surveillance is needed to keep the house safe from vandals and robbers, especially at night. TLIG Beth Myriam volunteers Ma. da Gloria, Izaura, Jane, Regina and Maria Alice are extremely courageous to do the work they do. The children that come are very young, left to themselves while their parents leave to work in the city very early in the morning and arrive very late at night.

The Saturday Prayer Meeting led by Alessandra and Ma. da Gloria

Thanks to donations received through the Beth Myriam International Fund, hot, nutritious meals with meat, sometimes chicken, vegetables, rice and beans are now served to 80-100 adults and children every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Saturdays, 120 adults and children come to pray and learn about God, and share a meal. Everyone who comes to this house knows that it is Our Lady's Home, they are given the Messages of True Life in God. The books are distributed to those who can read and passed on to others. Many more are flocking to the Beth Myriam where they know they will be heard and cared for by Our Lady through the generous hands of the volunteers. They feel free to share their many problems and find the time to pray in thanksgiving, and in hope, to ask Jesus and Our Lady to help them in the diffuculties of their lives.

Ma. da Gloria serving bread to the poor that come to the Beth Myriam

Children receiving their gifts last Christmas (200 toys were distributed)

Testimony 1

Every Monday, during the months of August and September, 24 hr. prayers to the Souls in Purgatory were organized at the Beth Myriam for the intention of the unemployed people who would come, some who were without jobs for more than two years. After the 8 Mondays of prayer, a total of 10 people have now found work, and are very happy to at last be able to sustain their families. Jõao and Marcelo were without work for almost 2 years and are now employed and thankful for God's Providence. Through the intercession of Our Lady and the Souls in Purgatory, the Beth Myriam showed the way of faith and hope to people who were in despair.

Ma. da Gloria, TLIG Volunteer

Testimony 2

One Saturday in October, we were preparing the usual quantity of food to be served in the Beth Myriam. When the food was ready, we saw many people, adults and children arriving to be fed. We noticed that the food we cooked was not enough for the people; many were still pouring in, the line was getting longer and there was no time to cook more. We put our hands together over the big pot of rice with chicken and prayed the Our Father. When we started serving, we noticed that as we served, the food never diminished! In the end, everyone ate well, to his heart's content. When we prepare the food now, we always start with the prayer of the Our Father, and everyday a new miracle of multiplication happens.

Ana and Milu, TLIG Volunteers

Testimony 3

A woman named Maria Silva came in despair to the Beth Myriam. Her husband had been brutally killed by groups of drug dealers. She has two children and is 7 months pregnant. They lived in a house lent to them, but after her husband's murder she was not allowed to continue living in that house any more. She had nothing to eat and was in a deep depression. We immediately collected food and milk for the children, and clothes for the baby who was soon to be born. She had come to the BM to ask for help.

She was weeping a lot when she arrived there, and she didn't have anything to eat for days. In that moment, the group started praying to the Virgin Mary, asking Her to come in rescue of that family, which was fatherless and so sad. We prayed the Rosary with her and asked, full of faith, for a solution to their lives. After we finished, she took the food and left. One week later we got to know that the woman was able to move to her mother's house, in another state of Brazil. She said that she was totally lost when she arrived at the Beth Myriam, but after the prayers and the donations she felt that God was with her.

Photo Gallery of Beth Myriams Brazil

Contact information

Address: Goiania, Brazil
Responsible: Maria da Gloria Cavalcante and Alessandra Braga

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