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The Miracle of the Face of Jesus in Canada

Jesus manifests His Power and Annointing on the Mission of Vassula by supernaturally appearing in photographs taken on her Canadian Mission in 2006. These were taken in Edmonton, Alberta.

miraculous image of the Face of Jesus appears behind Vassula Ryden at meeting in Edmonton, Ontario in 2006
miraculous image of the Face of Jesus appears behind Vassula Ryden at meeting in Edmonton, Ontario in 2006
miraculous image of the Face of Jesus appears behind Vassula Ryden at meeting in Edmonton, Alberta in 2006

Do you see the Face of Jesus?

No? Need help? See His face circled below.

Then, the two photos below were taken shortly after.

image 1 without the Face of Jesus
image 2 without the face of Jesus

As you can see, there is no poster or picture or image of any sort behind the tree, as some rational thinking has suggested at first glance of the supernatural photos.

All the miraculous photos were taken with a cell phone camera at a meeting in Edmonton, Alberta during Vassula's month long Mission to Canada in 2006.

Those that have been a part of the True Life in God Apostolate know very well that Jesus has often given supernatural manifestations in various and in a multitude of ways. This is one of many. A new project is under way to compile the others. We will announce that when it is ready.

Many people around the world have had experiences of a supernatural character associated with Vassula’s meetings and videos. Many people have reported seeing Jesus’ face on Vassula and other manifestations of Christ’s passion. More rare is an objective artifact like in this picture that all can see. There are more pictures and videos that we are trying to locate and plan to update the website with them soon. If you have or know how to locate such pictures and/or videos, please send an email to the .

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