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Rhodes 2012
Inner Healing and Deliverance
Vassula’s Opening Speech for the Retreat in Rhodes
Transformation of One’s Spirit Through Repentance and Love
Archbishop Vincent M. Concessao, Archbishop of Delhi, speech while at the TLIG Retreat in Rhodes. September 2012
Jesus is THE Exorcist
by Father John Abberton, September 2012, Rhodes, Greece
Pray to the Lord and He Will Heal You
The power of prayer and its healing effects by Father Vincent Cosatti
Mortal Sins and Deliverance
Mortal sins, naming them and their effect on us, then how to set free from them, by Father Gavin Ashenden at the retreat in Rhodes, Greece - September 2012
Exorcisms, Possessions and Deliverance
Exorcism , Possessions and Deliverance : "What is it? How is it performed?", by Father Joseph Iannuzzi at the retreat in Rhodes, Greece - September
The power of the Holy Spirit that transforms evil to good
How the Holy Spirit has transformed evil to good through time, by Father Jacek Norkowski at the retreat in Rhodes, Greece - September
What is the difference between deliverance prayer and exorcism?
Deliverance prayer and exorcism in what cases are they used and how does a priest evaluate when to use either one of the two, by Father Jean Regis Fropo at the retreat in Rhodes, Greece - September

12th True Life in God Ecumenical Pilgrimage to Greece


Loutraki Greece 2016
International retreat in Loutraki Greece, 2016

11th Ecumenical True Life in God Pilgrimage to Russia
Honoring Russian Orthodoxy from September 2 -10, 2017

10th True Life in God Ecumenical Pilgrimage in Italy
"Exploring Sacred Destinations" from October 10th - 17th, 2015

Rhodes 2012
Inner Healing and Deliverance

9th True Life in God Ecumenical Pilgrimage in the Holy Land
"Biblical Revival" from August 25 - September 2, 2013

8th Ecumenical Pilgrimage to Rome
September 3 - 11, 2011

Rhodes, Greece 2010
330 people from 33 countries gather in Rhodes, Greece for a retreat focused on understanding and protecting ourselves from Satan, demons and evil spirits.

Evangelization Retreat in Rome 2010
Powerful retreat led by Fr. Otfried to revitalize evangelization in Europe

Biblical Greece Pilgrimage 2009
7th True Life in God Ecumenical Pilgrimage
"In the Steps of St. Paul"

Mexico Retreat 2009
True Life in God Retreat in Monterrey, Mexico. January 2009

Egypt Gathering April 2008
Participating together in the Greek Orthodox Easter while contemplating the Mystery of the Passion of Our Lord.

Brazilian Retreat 2008
True Life in God South American TLIG Retreat and Evangelization in Brazil, 31 March - 6 April 2008

Biblical Turkey Pilgrimage 2007


Barcelona Retreat 2006
4th Iberoamerican Ecumenical Retreat, 12th - 17th May 2006, Begues (Barcelona), Spain

Lebanon, Syria and Jordan Pilgrimage 2005
5th International Ecumenical TLIG Pilgrimage
"Walking with St Paul and the Prophets"

Meteora Retreat 2004
Greece, May 2th - 7th 2004

Egypt Pilgrimage 2002
"Out of Egypt, I called My Son" (Mt 2:15)
In the footsteps of the Holy Family

Holy Land Pilgrimage 2000
A Divine Bridal Call for Reconciliation and Unity
March 14th - 26th 2000

Holy Land Pilgrimage 1998
May 1st - 9th 1998


When Would I See The House Of The East Greet The House Of The West With A Holy Kiss?

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