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TLIG Messages on Crimes Against the Unborn and Abortion

As Jesus describes it, abortion is indeed a crime against God.  As we meditate on Unity of the Heart, let us remember those who cannot defend themselves, the unborn innocent. 


Crimes against the Unborn and Abortion References in the TLIG Messages:


1990-August 5-29, 1990: day of Judgement when you heap up crimes of unborn children? from Heaven I watch frightful sights;


1991-March 20, 1991:Alas For Those Who Shed Innocent Blood Of Unborn Infants! 

           Sept 19, 1991: Innocent Blood 


1992-June 161992: I watch how more ready this world is to kill than to love; massive 24 child-murdering initiations erupt daily; everywhere My Eyes turn they see treachery, murder 


1993-May 281993: today the use of child murdering initiations are multiplying, am I to 28 remain silent?


1994-October 31994:  "His signature will be in blood": since so many nations have legalised abortion, it is easier for Satan to obtain power. Abortion is a hidden form of murder, thus giving Satan a cult, since it is human sacrifice. To give power and promote the enemy, Satan demanded this hidden form of human sacrifice.

            October 14, 1994: 4 Abortion legalised in many nations. 5 The abortion pleases Satan, because Satan needs human sacrifice to gain power, and so abortion is practised daily with so many not even being aware that it becomes a free-giving cult to the Devil. The devil thirsts for blood and he gets it now from the innocent 


1996-December 20, 1996: criminal slaughter of innocent babies



Click here  to read a full account of each of these Messages

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TLIG Messages on Crimes Against the Unborn and Abortion

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