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Time to Get 1 Million Signatures for the OneDate.org Website

Dear TLIG readers around the world,


At this start of Unity Week, One Date for Easter is front and center. The Lord has stated very clearly in True Life in God that He wants Unity. He wants it to start in the heart with humility and love. As a first sign of this unity, the leaders of the churches need to decide unanimously to celebrate Easter on the same date every year. Here is one message extract on this:

When Will They Pass A Decree By Unanimous Vote To Celebrate The Feast Of Easter All In One Date? December 21, 1992

"daughter of My Sacred Heart, I would like you to write; hear from heaven My Voice; My Words of Reconciliation, Peace and Unity have not been heard nor have they been respected; I have spoken once and I will not speak again; I will add nothing new;

Lord, it is not easy apparently...

I want your voice to thunder this time in January! I want your voice to thunder as loud as ever! you will speak on My behalf; let the whole world hear: the days are now counted, there is not much time left and grace that enfolded mankind shall come abruptly and all of a sudden at its end .... this will be done so that the world realizes how great was My Mercy and My Goodness that had flowed down from above year after year; .... tell those who work for unity to look up at the skies; see how far they are from the earth? this is how far their hearts are from one another; this is how far they are apart; when will they all pass a decree by unanimous vote to celebrate the feast of Easter all in one date?

So here we have this request from Jesus to make one date. He wants everyone to hear His call for unity. We have to let our voices thunder just like Vassula was told to let her voice thunder. Vassula writes: " Jesus asked me to tell you to always take my name, Vassula, out of the messages and replace it with your name." (see http://www.tlig.org/en/messages/)

5000 Voices all Speaking at the Same Time Sounds Like Thunder

Dear readers, now is the time to do something. Now is the time for everyone who believes that these messages are authentic and I mean everyone, to take action. Now is the time to make our voices thunder, and we are going to start on the internet which reaches 1.73 billion people. With God's grace and every reader's decision to take action, we are going to collect 1 million signatures this year so we can take our OneDate petition to the leaders of the churches and/or hand deliver it to the Pope.

On the last day of our recent TLIG pilgrimage to Greece 2009, a new momentum behind the OneDate petition project was initiated. This was in the presence of dozens of high Orthodox and Catholic clergy including many Bishops. There was a collective feeling that we need to somehow make an appeal to the leaders of the church of the urgency of "voting" for one date for Easter.

If one date succeeds, Jesus promises an era of peace. Here Jesus elaborates:

"...if the churches are able to go beyond the negative obstacles that hinder them to unite, obstacles that according to Scriptures are against the fulfilment of the unity of faith, love and worship among them, I will be faithful to My promise of releasing a time of peace in the entire world; this peace will draw every being into My Mystical Body, fulfilling My Words given to you all in My prayer to God the Father, when I implored:

"may they be one in Us, as You are in Me and I am in You, so that the world may believe it was You who sent Me;" 5 this supplication uttered by My divine Lips is echoing every second from heaven still; My Words intonated were meant that the whole of the creation must be affected into a spiritual unity and not a unity by a signed treaty; to fulfil My Words the churches must seek first humility and love, graces that can be obtained through the Holy Spirit and through a great repentance(see: http://tlig.org/en/messages/1073/)"

In my next email, I will outline an action plan in which everyone can participate. Unity week begins Today January 18 which is also Vassula's Birthday. If you read the messages and read this e-news, you all know time is short. We must act now, all of us. First by praying for unity, and second by working to evangelize for God and His desires. God is asking that we all celebrate Easter on one date. Work is a great penance. It is great charity and we do it for God - not for Vassula, not for me. We work with Love and for Love. If everybody is willing to make a small sacrifice and involve themselves now with this project, then we can collectively make a difference. Step one of our action plan will be sent in my next email. While you wait for it, go to www.onedate.org and sign the petition if you have not done so yet. Then send a personal email to everybody you know and implore them to sign it as well. If everyone would take the time with love and prayer to write 10 friends each, our petition will quickly move towards the goal of 1 million signatures .

God Bless,
TLIG e-news editor

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Time to Get 1 Million Signatures for the OneDate.org Website

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