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Vassula writes about Signs and Wonders

Vassula writes to the True Life in God Readers on Dec 10, 2006 about the Signs and Wonders that Jesus is giving us in our times

10.12.06 Mumbai, India

Dear friends,

Jesus said: "No one lights a lamp and covers it, instead it is put on a lamp-stand where it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way your light must shine before others so that they may see the good you do and praise your Father in heaven." (Mt ch. 5,14-16)

With this, my comment is that our Lord has touched many people's hearts in TLIG giving them a radical transformation of mind and soul. How then should they praise and glorify God? There are different ways. One is by testifying like the Samaritan woman who ran to her village declaring what she heard and saw.

Jesus would like to see more of these people witnessing their conversion and how God touched them instead of keeping it to themselves..

When others would hear their testimony, they would be impressed and might at that point start reading themselves the Messages, but if they keep quiet, then no one knows how that person was anointed. The Lord tells us that by reading we receive anointed graces, we receive a new baptism of the Spirit.

Another way God in His goodness is giving us signs and wonders. How is it that so many people in our own groups do not even know about the signs in TLIG? To name just a few:

In Rhodes we have a TLIG prayer group where more than half are babes and children. They are most of them Orthodox. They have a pilgrim statue of our Lady of Rosa Mystica. While the children one day were leading the rosary, Our Lady's face oozed oil. This happened twice. This was a sign to tell them how happy She is when She hears the children pray. They took a few snaps. I feel that this sign was not promoted enough so that it gives glory to God. Many still do not know it.

In the newly opened Beth Myriam in Argentina, this past June, our Lady shed tears; tears of joy! This was from a cardboard image on a calendar. Very few know of this as well. Again we are hiding the lamp under our bed.

In Australia, a few years back, Avo and Suzy Vardanian, who had two little statues of our Lady and the Sacred Heart, have been blessed. Their two statues ooze oil. Let us not forget how much they have committed themselves to TLIG to promote the Messages and print the books from their own resources. Even when they place the bottles in front of the Statues, that are empty and sealed, the bottles somehow fill with oil miraculously. In their prayer group of TLIG, a lady who reads the messages of TLI.G, (Marian) suddenly received the stigmatas. Also her face and her hands ooze perfumed oil and everything she touches which is religious, that too starts to ooze oil. What a great sign and gift! How many people in the world today know of these signs that happen in our circles? Recently when Marian received the host in her mouth it turned into real flesh and real blood. How many have given glory to God and praised God and put that light on the roof-tops? I wonder...

For more information on this miracle, visit the new section on this website dedicated to reporting these kinds of miracles associated with True Life in God.

Our enemies out there have nothing new to attack us with. So what do they do to this day? They use old stuff and old articles of 16 years old to reproduce the same thing and diffuse it around the world. They keep repeating always the same thing. But when TLIG people receive so many powerful signs, so many graces, so many spiritual weapons to defend the Messages of our Lord, what do they do? They announce it among themselves, rejoice and pack it away in the archives forever. These miracles do not go further than our journals and I wonder, have these things been translated? Has anyone informed Fr. Laurentin, sending him pictures? How can he write about these things if no one informs him?

But it is not just for Fr. Laurentin who would write these things in the French Magazines, but it should go beyond him as well. These graces should be promoted far and wide to stamp on our enemies. We keep lamenting that we are persecuted, asking our Lord to help us, but He will ask you: "I have given you enough graces and signs and prodigies (weapons) to defend yourselves and My Messages, why haven't you used them properly? I have flowered your heart, so why have you not declared it far and wide to draw hearts to Me and glorify Me?"

Others have been healed not only spiritually but physically. These miracles also have not been announced properly except for one or two. During our witnessing, we had asked that after the meeting one should ask if anyone had received a special anointing or healing. When they do come, we alone know of it and no one else.

As I said before, our enemies are constantly on our back and never lose any opportunity to raise their sword against us with the same old stuff. How about us, repeating ourselves with what we have obtained already and allowing thus to diminish Satan's voice?

Be anxious to please God, because He gives generously without Him waiting for us to ask. The Holy Spirit is being poured generously upon us, and this is clear. We have nothing to fear, because God is with us. Many of you already are walking with God and so He is favouring you, this is why He is giving to so many, all these signs and wonders. God bless you all.

In Christ,


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Vassula writes about Signs and Wonders

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