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Testimony from Vassula's Visit to Canada 2006

Testimony from Vassula's Visit to Canada 2006


My name is Erin and I was blessed to have been able to hear Vassula speak while she was here in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

After Vassula's talk everyone was invited to go up and be prayed with for healing and deliverance. As I was waiting in line I told Jesus that I offered Him my heart completely. After Vassula prayed over me and blessed me with the cross I began to walk back to my seat. As I was walking back I had the strangest feeling that I no longer had my heart inside my body. I actually began to feel as though I had a large cavity in my chest where my heart would normally be positioned. I was not fearful of this but simply pondered what it could mean. When I had reached my seat and was in prayer thanking Jesus for what He was doing, I sensed Jesus breathing His breath on the place where my heart once was. After this, I then had a sense of a new heart (like an infant's) growing inside of me. This filled me with such wonder as I was contemplating what all this could mean.

After the meeting had concluded, I saw a woman whom I knew from several years back and began to talk to her. It was incredible because this was the same women that I had tried to avoid for some time because of hurtful words she had spoken to me. I had for many years struggled to forgive her. At that moment I found myself weeping and telling her how I had felt hurt and had avoided her because of her comments. She also began to weep and asked my forgiveness.

I cannot tell how much joy was in my heart at that moment Jesus set me free! I thank and praise Him for the wonderful gift He gave me.

God Bless!

Jesus giving His Heart

"I am Holy;

I said: I shall cleanse you and give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I shall remove the spirit of lethargy from your soul and put My Spirit in you; on that day I swore to make you Mine; I swore to heal you and like a tree, bear fruit for My people; I swore to fill the starved and every mouth, yes! I swore to come to you, and turn to you to till you and sow in your Nothingness My Glory..." March 1, 1993

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