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An Easter Message

 Easter Banner - Christos Anessti, Christ has Risen, Alithos Anessti, He has Truly Risen

April 23, 1993

Our Blessed Mother greeted me in Greek, in an Orthodox manner, after Easter: In the Orthodoxy we have as custom after Easter when one meets with another to greet each other by saying "Christ has risen." The other one replies: "He has truly risen!"

My peace I give you, Vassula, come and hear your Holy Mother: the Word of the Almighty has indeed been addressed to you; come now, you whom God's message was entrusted; come and write this: "Christos Annesti!"

Alithos Annesti!

yes, Christ is risen, and this is what God wants you to say to everyone; declare to this dying world that My Son has indeed resurrected; preach a resurrected Christ, My angel, because many in your generation do not acknowledge this truth because of their rationalism; have you not read: "these same people boast of their worldly achievements, thinking they have everything they want and that they are in glory while possessing the worldly kingdoms;" they are filled with their own importance instead of the fullness of the triune God;

...be warned, lest you be deceived and may God endow your hearts with discernment, so that His Glory given before your eyes, draws you into the Truth Border April 27,1997

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