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How has True Life in God Changed my Life?

THAT is a loaded question. There are so many aspects.

1) It has been awesome to know that the interpretation of the Bible from these messages are from God alone, not man, so they are accurate and trust-worthy. It is not a scholar's best guess. That has brought me peace.

2) I am a Baptist, born and raised, and am still. Of course, that meant a misunderstanding of the value that our Mother Mary plays in our lives, in the life of God and in the universe, as a whole. I have had such awesome experiences while learning to pray the rosary, from feeling Her sorrow and agony, to feeling Her pride.

3) Finally, and of course saving the best for last, how Great, how Awesome is He! When I was first introduced to the messages, it was not by choice. But, due to the reason of being introduced to the messages, I knew I had to dig deeper and find out if there was any merit to these “messages from God.” Before I would even touch a book, I spent weeks praying for direction. Finally, God gave me peace by directing me to the Psalm 20. Somehow, that told me to read with faith. And so, from that first step of depending on God for guidance to opening the first book, to growing closer and closer to him after each page turns. How Great, How Awesome is He! I am truly overwhelmed with God's blessing of these messages, and thankful that I have been given such an opportunity to get to know Him in a way that I never thought possible.

I am still what I call myself, a “TLIG baby,” but I am learning and growing. Thank you for the opportunity to share about that growth.


“Blessed one, let us now enter into the fifth mystery, where I the Lord crown My Mother and name Her Queen of Heaven;

The Queen of heaven and earth is the Throne of the King of kings...Born to be My Crown of Splendour; born to be the Vessel of the True Light...

Mother Mary

Heart of the Heart, whom I crowned in Our presence and in the presence of all My celestial court...

You the Ark of power, You who stand in Our Presence, stand ever so close to all who invoke You.

The Coronation of Mary

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