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Editor's Corner: The TLIG Apostolate


Welcome to a new feature of the TLIG e-newsletter, the “Editor's Corner.”

Actually it is your corner...all the people who volunteer and work in the True Life in God Apostolate world wide. Right now this newsletter you are reading in English, is sent out across the world first in English then translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Greek with new languages coming soon (write to us if you want this in your country's language). This corner is for any volunteer who wants to share information about the work they are doing to educate, inspire and inform the readers of True Life in God World wide. This “corner” is your tool of communication in which to get “everybody on the same page.”

So Beth Myriam volunteers, publishers, web designers, witnesses, youth organizers, everybody...send us brief one - four paragraph items for insertion in this space here. If the item is in a foreign language - all the better, just make sure to translate it into English before you send it!!! What's happening in your corner? Tell us and we will tell the whole of the True Life in God Apostolate. Write to us, as we are not Padre Pio and read your mind. :-) e-news@tlig.org

Cults vs Apostolates

Soon we will have an article that clearly defines the difference between a Cult and an Apostolate. This is being written by a priest. True Life in God is an Apostolate. All of us serve the Church and the Holy Trinity. On the internet you can say anything you like - you can make a web page and make all sorts of distorted claims. It is important that True Life in God readers know the difference - in the clearest terms. Look forward to this article coming soon.

True Life in God is a Very Special Spirituality For Our Times

There has been a lot of talk around True Life in God about how we are different and about the problems we have. And in thinking about it here are a few thoughts. True Life in God is a very special spirituality. A huge grace God has given to all of us. In His message he says again and again I bring “nothing new.” He comes to remind us of what we have already in scriptures and in the rich traditions of the churches east and west.

It is a little rare for God to give a charism of this power to a lay person and especially a lay person like Vassula who knew almost nothing. He did this so that His message reaches the “lowlands.” Vassula has been nonstop traveling the world meeting people form all walks of life and no one who really has wanted to meet her has been prevented from doing so at her meetings in over 70 countries. Think for a moment if this message had been given to a monk on Mt. Athos...or to a cloistered nun as the Lord has sometimes done in the past. That, too, has it's place. But in this case, through using Vassula as “His Tablet,” he has brought the message to all of us - and in such a way that those of us in the world - just regular people, have a chance to hear it and be renewed in our spiritual life and walk.

Now us “regular people” (which sometimes we are not even “regular,” we are worse than that!) also have an opportunity to participate in many ways in the apostolate. We don't go through training and formation and years of study...we go on enthusiasm and love of God. Many of us are just beginning to grow even a little. And it is no surprise that as we try to work together we get the opportunity to see how much more we have yet to grow!!! That is one reason why in TLIG Jesus tells us always treat the other as better. But this takes growth and discernment to do properly.

Considering who we are and how we got here, True Life in God has people all over the world working in harmony, working with humility, working with enthusiasm despite all the trials and difficulties. This way of working together in bonds of brotherly/sisterly love and humility is really pleasing to God and very difficult to do especially in a totally open and free and 100 percent volunteer organization like ours. These days people do not get along in many areas of life, even in their own families!!! In our working groups, prayer groups, and volunteer groups for Beth Myriam - we always have to keep the following as an ideal:

Working together in humility and love...even when it's hard - even when we fail...and to always be willing to go back, reconcile, forgive, repent and try some more.

What Jesus Says in True Life in God

treat each other as I treat you, love one another as I love you, respond to one another as I respond to your prayers, feed from Me and do not accept Satan's fruits which are disloyalty, jealousy, disunity and impurity, be like one! be perfect! let My House glitter from its pureness allow My dew of Righteousness to descend upon you and dissolve these heavy thunder clouds, scattering them away, allow My Light to pierce them so that all darkness and evil disappear be like flowers facing the sun and let My Warm Rays revive your holiness, purity, integrity and love follow My commandment always to love one another as I the Lord love you

I, the Lord Jesus Christ, love you boundlessly, I am soon to come, I bless you all

(July 29, 1988)

“Dead Serious” ~ How Your Editor Made a Very Stupid Mistake!

With all the excitement of new media attention on Vassula (and if you did not hear about it...you did not miss anything...it was a blip) there was a flurry of emails, cell phone text messages and phone calls racing around the world like a snow blizzard!!! A friend driving late at night - bleary eyed after hours of driving was reading to me cell phone text messages from Vassula. And for one of the messages he said: “Vassula says we are dead.” All excited I sent out an email to some True life in God readers - that “Vassula said we are dead.”

Two days later my friend looking again at the cell phone text message tells me Vassula did not say we are dead...the message says, “I am dead serious.” So for those of you mourning the death of True Life in God...sorry to tell you we are more alive than ever. The enemies of True Life in God who want to distort the good work we all try to do have not even yet tasted what we are capable of with God's grace. The True Life in God message will spread more this year than ever before in all of its history, and countless souls will come back to the church and find a renewed relationship with God and His infinite Mercy and Love!!! The only person who might be “dead” is yours truly for writing an erroneous email.

Mother Mary I promise you that My Church will revive and I will have Her renewed and transfigured as I was Transfigured, I will rebuild My Temple...and Purity will be Her Torch...” (August 16, 1988)

“...like in the transfiguration, I shall transfigure My Church to have all the radiant glory of Her youth, in Her bridal days...” (October 20, 1990)

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Editor's Corner: The TLIG Apostolate

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