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The TLIG Pilgrimage 2007

Vassula each year reminds people to start saving money now for the TLIG international pilgrimage. Unlike may other groups the TLIG pilgrimage is not a fund raiser.

The pilgrimages are organized at cost...sometimes with a small extra charge to help subsidize the cost of some clergy from the most poor countries.

Usually these trips are about $1200 or so US dollars plus the cost of traveling roundtrip to the point of departure. The next pilgrimage will involve visiting churches of the apocalypse and much much more, and will center in Greece. Now is the time weekly or monthly to put aside money a little bit at a time so you have the funds needed to participate. Start NOW to save $10 or $20 or $30 dollars a week. The when the time for the pilgrimage comes you will not feel the cost so severely. Make a written plan and stick to it.

Those who have begun to penetrate the messages even a little understand how remarkable the spirituality of TLIG is. The saving message of TLIG can help us in these days cross the wilderness, cross the parched dry landscape of our times. In a pilgrimage there is the opportunity to experience just a taste of heaven. Part of this, is on these trips small flames of spiritual love are enkindled between people and in the prayers to God. Our memory can at times recollect this love. It is spiritual warmth in the cold winds of life in these "end of times." Spiritual love between friends united in prayer is beyond gold, beyond any price...and so pleasing to God.

We can bring back with us as fruit of a pilgrimage: refreshment in our prayer life, renewal, healing, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and friendship. Perhaps for some a pilgrimage is like a spiritual tonic...we don't know why...but we have more strength for the tasks life brings us. We also by our participation are like little stones paving the path for Christ's return through demonstrating our love for one another and our love for God by practicing unity of heart and prayer.

Start saving money now!!!

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