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A New Call: Send us Your Responses to the Experience of the 2005 Pilgrimage

We especially would like to hear from the clergy who attended. Please follow the guidelines listed below.

A Renewed Request: How have the Messages Changed You?

Dear Readers of the TLIG Messages,

Your response on a TLIG Message or Phrase that has changed your life in some way is still very much needed. It may be completely anonymous if you wish, and your name or email will never be shared, even inside TLIG. Describe the change that the Message (include a reference) has made in some habit of your daily life, or your prayer life, or your relationships, or your ability to forgive others with true mercy and love, or anything else pertinent. We need encouragement and inspiration from others? struggles to Live the Messages. Let?s get down to the real honest basics and be very practical and specific. Not all submissions will be published, but are at the total discretion of the editor.

Send submissions for possible publication to: e-news@tlig.org inside the body of an email without attachments.

Volunteer Help Needed

1. There is still a need for people with graphics capabilites and particularly HTML skills. We also need people with technical programming skills, particularly Php, but all skills.

All volunteer helpers recieve no money. Please write .

2. We need volunteers to write articles all based on the TLIG spirituality. Suggested topics or any similar to these: These are just ideas to stimulate your creativity!!!

How We Started Our Beth Myriam.
How We Started Our TLIG Prayer Group.
How I Balance My Spiritual Life and Am a Good Spouse at the Same Time.
Peace in Our Marriage Inspired by Jesus.
Achieving a Real Repentance - How God and I Did It.
How I Applied Humility And Love in My Family First .
Good Ways to Evangelize Versus Bad Ways.
How I Found the Key to Forgiveness and Reconciliation with my Worst Enemy.
How We Revitalized our TLIG Prayer Group.
My Favorite TLIG Message and What it Has Meant in My Life.

All submissions become the exclusive property of TLIG. No remuneration is given to any writer at any time. We are all volunteers, even Vassula. Please make submissions in 12 point Times Roman with no indentations. Please keep submissions in the body of the email. We do not click attachments. Have an idea? Talk to us!

Other News From 2005-08-19:
Jesus' Life-changing Invitation to Judith
A TLIG Refresher
Fruit from Vassulas Visit to Bangalore, India
Powerful Conversion from a Gay Lifestyle Can Give Hope
Two Important Prophecies You May Have Missed
Vassula Addresses Thousands in Jharkand, India

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