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Powerful Conversion from a Gay Lifestyle Can Give Hope

The True Life in God Messages changed my life! At the time of my conversion I was in an active gay lifestyle but after seeing Vassula speak and reading the ten commandments in volume 4, my partner and I gave up our gay lifestyle for one of celibacy and chastity. We love God so much that we gave up something that we now understood offended God's holiness. Of course this was only some of what offends God, so now I understand all that I needed to do to repent and confess.

We have been blessed with the grace of not being tempted in any way to going back to the gay lifestyle and continue to learn from the writings how to live more holy lives. I have now converted to the Catholic faith.

Personally, I have lost all desires for the material matters and secular interests of the world. Now I focus on my work in nursing and my spare time is spent in church and/or on spiritual things.

Without the benefit of the True Life in God writings I would never have been able to understand the need to make the changes I have. When I think and reflect on this, great tears of joy and thankfulness flood my heart. I give thanks to God for my spiritual sister Vassula who has emptied herself of the things of the world and brought forward God's messages to us in our time.

May my testimony be a strength to those trying to overcome the ways of the world. Any of your faults, habits, lifestyles, etc, can be transfigured by God if you open your heart in love towards Him. And for goodness sake, keep reading the True Life in God Messages, all the volumes, as they are like spiritual pearls of great price.


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