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Jesus' Life-changing Invitation to Judith

In the messages of True Life in God Jesus tells us:

"I know that many souls believe in Me as though I was but a myth, they believe that I existed only in the past, for many I am but a passing shadow now eclipsed with time and evolution very few realize that I existed in flesh on earth and exist now among you"
May 17, 1987

I was one of those souls!

Jesus often speaks to us about the Holy Eucharist, but at the time I was beginning to read the Messages I had no idea that Jesus was truly present and with us in the Eucharist. I had to ask a Roman Catholic friend what is the "Real Presence?"

Much later I understood that Jesus was inviting me to partake of His Precious Body and Blood everyday, and I decided to be received into the Roman Catholic Church so as to go to daily Holy Mass.

"Come, come and receive Me in holiness and in purity; do not offend Me, be pure and holy when you receive Me, recollect yourselves and recognize My Living Presence in the little white Host, let Me feel your holiness and purity; oh if you only knew what a Grace I am offering you!" June 1, 1989

Much later on the Father speaks to Vassula about that Grace.

"My Grace I reveal to you and salvation has been given to you through My Son, Jesus Christ; in order to set you free, He sacrificed Himself for you; in order for you to share a Divine Life, He constituted the Holy Eucharist to sanctify you and partake of His Body and Blood; you are not partaking any mere bread or wine, but you are partaking God Himself; if you would only reflect on this Mystery and understand it fully! the Inaccessible God is Accessible to you, the Invisible God is Visible to you, and ready to divinize you; He whose grandeur surpassess all angelic forces and all beings and all that has been created, is at your disposal, creation! God Himself is being offered to you to give you back your divinity, divinizing your soul to enter Eternal Life;" June 30, 1999

Only through the Mercy of God did I come to know of this Mystery, a Mystery far beyond our human comprehension. Let us ask God for the light of His Holy Spirit to be able to do what He asks and reflect on this Mystery so we are able to understand it more fully. Then we will truly be able to give Glory to God!

Thank you, Jesus, that You wait patiently for us day and night. Thank You that you do not withdraw Yourself from our altars nor treat us as our sin deserves, but are willing to forgive us and give Yourself to us with great tenderness and compassion. May we understand that Your Eucharist is truly Life for our soul and not just pass you by. Amen


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