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A TLIG Refresher

by Father Tony Sullivan

True Life in God is a Love Hymn from God that shows us how to live forever in God's love. The world has forgotten God, but God through the Messages of True Life in God has not forgotten the world. God through the Messages of TLIG, using Vassula Ryden as His instrument, is showing us how to heal ourselves and the world from violence and lack of love.

Because of the present state of the world, bad relationships are very common in families, in communities, in nations, and between nations. As a result, many people feel very alone, helpless, and with no hope for the future. Because people feel they do not belong, they seek comfort from drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, materialism, rationalism, but they find that these addictions do not bring love, peace and hope. The Messages of TLIG remind us that we are not alone. God created us to live in the Family of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We belong to the this Divine Family forever, a family that will never break up, will never grow old but will last forever.

Pope John Paul II said, "God in His deepest Mystery is not a solitude but a Family, because in God there is Fatherhood , Sonship, and the essence of the Family, interpersonal love, the Holy Spirit."

True Life in God is God teaching us how to live in the Family of the Holy Trinity and reminding us that He created us out of love to live forever in the Life and Love of the Family of the Holy Trinity.

"...I, your God tell you: sons! and daughters! you are the offspring of the Most High! you descend from the Sovereignty and Splendour, oh come! you belong to Us! you belong to Heaven...you are of Royal Descent..." July 22, 1994

From Volume 1 to Volume 12 of the TLIG Messages God very gently shows us how to develop an intimate relationship with Persons of the Trinity so as to grow deeper and deeper into this Divine family of God, and how to remove all obstacles in us to this journey of love.

The Messages of TLIG are Messages of Hope, real Hope that only God can give. The Messages give us deeper and deeper understanding of the Bible, The Messages of True Life in God remind us of what the Bible is saying from the first book, Genesis, to the last book, Apocalypse: we come from God; we belong to God, and no matter if we turn away from God, He will always reach out to us to bring us back into the full life of God, if we desire it. What a great gift are the Messages of True Life in God.

Father Tony Sullivan

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