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Bad news and good news

20 October 2000 09:04

Archbishop Milingo has provided continual support for Vassula. The following news has appeared on CNN. To balance the bad with the good, a second item, an address by the Mayor of Jerusalem to an International Christian gathering earlier this week, is copied also.

First, the bad news.....

October 18, 2000

VATICAN CITY (AP) -- An African bishop who has run up against church officials over the years for his faith-healing practices has now lost his Vatican post.

The Vatican confirmed that Emmanuel Milingo, 70, was quietly removed from his position as a special delegate on immigrant matters. Pope John Paul II brought Milingo to the Vatican in 1983 and gave him that title after he was removed as archbishop of Lusaka, Zambia.

Since coming to Rome, Milingo has attracted thousands of people from across Europe seeking cures for cancer and AIDS. He also has performed exorcisms.

Friends of Milingo on Wednesday circulated a letter addressed to the pope and other Vatican officials contesting his dismissal, the ANSA news agency said. The Vatican said it had no comment.

The letter said the firing was the work of a "small but powerful" group that "will have to account for its actions to the faithful."

Several Italian archbishops, including Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini of Milan, have barred Milingo from celebrating Mass in their territory.

Martini said the action was prompted by numerous complaints over the "style" of the ceremonies and the behavior of his followers.

and now the good news.....

from ICEJ NEWS - 10/17/2000 http://www.icej.org


You don't know how happy I am to see all of you here. It's so great. Thank you for being here.

A few days ago, one of my assistants called me with some concern. He said, "As a result of all these events which took place here in recent weeks, there are many cancellations, and many visitors that were scheduled to come to Jerusalem, did not come. Now tell me what will happen with the Feast of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem: Will they come?"

And I said, "All of them will come! I have no doubt in my heart." And I said, "And I'll tell you why they come. They come because they know that we are waiting for them; they come because they know that we need them here; they come because they love Jerusalem. They come because Jerusalem is in their heart, deep in their heart. They come because they love God and God loves Jerusalem."

.......... Do you know that the quietest place, the quietest place, in all of Israel, in the last two weeks, was here? Quietest. It is true. It is true. We had some riots on Temple Mount by people that came from the outside, instigated, incited, who perpetrate some riots, and start attacks. But, the people in Jerusalem, they understand Jerusalem better that anyone else. They know that this city will never tolerate anyone that will try to divide it, and to harm it, because God will not permit it! And that's why, they all, the citizens of Jerusalem, were very quiet, and very restrained, and very relaxed.

And I tell you something: I know it is hard to say it on these days because so many things seem to be so complex and so difficult and so threatening and so hard. And yet I know that you feel in your heart, deep in your heart, what I feel, that soon, sometime in the near future, the light will spread all over this city in a way that really is possible only in this, God's city, in Jerusalem. And the whole world will understand it. The whole world will see it. The whole world will feel it, because this city is the source and the basis of everything for us, and I know that for you as well. And that's why we are sisters and brothers in our blood and in our heart.

I know that all these hard weeks, that might take some time before things will relax and return into a normal pace. They are an experiment [test]. Another experiment [test] that we have to go through. But this experiment [test] will prepare us, better, all of us, for the great days that are waiting for us in Jerusalem. And that's why I'm so excited and I'm so happy that all of you people, that come from so many different countries. You don' t care what they write in the papers! You don't care what they say on the televisions. You don't mind what they say on the radios. You don't mind for the political rhetoric. You listen to the Word of God, and you listen to the words that tell you, and tell us, that we have a great vision to protect this city, to keep it a one city, not as a divided city, as a strong city not as a weak city, and a city that gives inspiration, and that gives strength and belief to all of us, here, and from here, across the whole world.

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to sit near the city hall and wait for you when you will come, on the Jerusalem parade. I like it so much. You add to this parade the colours, the enthusiasm, the joy and the love, which makes our life in Jerusalem richer and brighter. And therefore, on behalf of the city of Jerusalem, I have this great privilege to thank you, to congratulate you for the twentieth anniversary of the International Christian Embassy here in Jerusalem. I may only want to ask you one thing: Don't leave! Stay here. We love you here. We want you here. Don't go away! Bring more of your friends, so that we will all be together, and we will celebrate together, and we will strengthen this city, and build this city, and defend this city, and make sure that it is ready for the great days that will come for all of us. Thank you very much.

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