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Recent Messages

May 31 2003May 31, 2003
Oct 30 2003October 30, 2003
Dec 15 2003mid-December 2003
Feb 05 2004February 5, 2004
Mar 02 2004March 2, 2004
Apr 09 2004April 9, 2004
Apr 12 2004April 12, 2004
Aug 20 2004August 20, 2004
Apr 26 2005Easter - Tuesday Holy Week 2005
Sep 23 2005September 23, 2005
Jan 03 2006January 3, 2006
Jan 05 2006January 5, 2006
Jan 06 2006January 6, 2006
Feb 13 2006February 13, 2006
Feb 28 2006February 28, 2006
Apr 24 2006April 24, 2006
May 31 2006May 31, 2006
Nov 13 2006A Prayer of Repentance and Deliverance
Feb 08 2007February 8, 2007
Jan 07 2008Message of Our Lady
Aug 27 2009Message for the 2009 Pilgrimage in Greece
Nov 28 2009Urgent Prayer Given on 24th Anniversary of TLIG
Dec 14 2009Urgent Message Given Shortly After the Prayer
Mar 01 2010March 1, 2010
Jun 17 2010June 17, 2010
Jun 22 2010June 22, 2010
May 05 2011Tell My people and remind them ...
May 22 2012I am the Gateway of Hope
Sep 17 2013Message of September 17, 2013 from Jesus Christ
Jan 14 2014Message of January 14, 2014

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Recent Messages
A small number of Messages that have been made available after the 'Odes of the Holy Trinity', the last published Messages in 2003.

My Angel Daniel
The Early Dawn of the Messages. Vassula converses with her Guardian Angel Daniel

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I Am Near You To Be The Threat To Your Enemies

Let No Man Oppress You
Unite My People Into One Heart

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TLIG Radio News: Australia and The Solomon Islands -TLIG group in Greece
TLIG Radio News for November and December
The Congo Greets Vassula September 2014
A short video that shows the extraordinary welcome to Vassula in Congo to witness the "True Life in God" messages
A Holy Kiss From Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople
When Would I See The House Of The East Greet The House Of The West With A Holy Kiss?


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