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Alphabetical Listing


  • Take My Cup And Drink From It
  • Talk To Me
  • Tell Me That Your Hope Is In Me
  • Tell My people and remind them ...
  • Tell them that they are the Joy of My Heart
  • Tell Your Soul: \"Jesus Is Salvation\"
    Let Your Spirit Absorb My Sweetness
  • Temptation
  • That They All May Be One
  • The Amen
  • The Amen Is On His Way To Purify, With Devouring Flame, Every Race
  • The Awesome Mystery
  • The Big Tribulation Of My Church
  • The Birth Pangs Have Begun
  • The Blessings
  • The Crucifixion
  • The day and hour belong to Me, your God
  • The Day Before The Assumption
  • The Day of My Return is nearer than you think
  • The Days Of Reckoning Have Begun
  • The Desire Of God
  • The Devil Hates You
  • The Devil Wants To Drag You Back To Him
  • The Driftwood
    From The Time In Fatima To This Epoch, None Of My Warnings Have Been Respected
  • The Earth Is Rusting, But My Passage Wears Away The Rust
  • The Earth Will Shake And Reel From Its Place
    Unity Is Unwelcomed As Love Is Unwelcomed
  • The First Commandment
  • The Foundations Of The Earth Will Rock
  • The Grace Of Suffering
  • The Great Return - The New Pentecost
  • The Holy Rosary
  • The Holy Spirit Enlightens Scriptures To You
  • The Hour Of Crisis Is Now Looming Over The Earth
  • The Human Race Grieves Me To The Point Of Death
  • The Inner Power Of My Church Is My Holy Spirit
  • The Jesus Prayer
  • The Key To Freedom And Life
  • The Lance's Blade
  • The Language Of My Cross Is Love
  • The Least You Are The More I Am
  • The Lord wants us to be intimate with Him
  • The Lord's Encouragement for Readers (with Vassula's Commentary)
  • The man who trusts in Me, and in My Law, will be watched by Me
  • The Messages Of This Work Will End Up With You
  • The More Men Will Try To Efface My Voice, The More Will I Be Heard
  • The Mother Of All Humanity
  • The New Heavens And The New Earth
  • The New Heavens And The New Earth Will Be When I Set My Throne In You
  • The Night Is Almost Over
    The World Of Today Will Roll Like A Scroll
  • The One who hymns to you is the very One who created all things
  • The Oppositions In Rhodos
  • The Outpouring Of The Spirit
    The Second Pentecost
  • The Parable Of The Wedding Feast
    I Am Who I Am
  • The path I laid out for you has no blemishes
  • The Perpetual Sacrifice Will Be Trampled
  • The Programme Of My Meetings
  • The Prophets And Prophecy
  • The Purification
  • The Rebel And The Great Apostasy
  • The Rebel's Kingdom Shall Fall
    Come To Me As A Child
  • The Riches Of My Sacred Heart
  • The Root Of My Church Is Love
  • The Seal Of The Message
  • The Seven Gifts Of My Holy Spirit
  • The Seventh Seal
  • The Sign Of The Son Of Man
  • The Smaller You Are The More Offended Satan Becomes
  • The Spirit Has Anointed These Messages
    Do Not Blame The Proud, Pray For Them
  • The Spirit Is Active And Alive
  • The Spirit Of My Father Is Constantly Blasphemed
  • The Spouse Will Never Neglect His Bride
  • The Ten Commandments
  • The Terrors Of The Night Will Soon Be Over
  • The Theologians And Philosophers Have Not Yet Found The Key To Unity
  • The Thorn
  • The Thorned Crown
    Acts Of Love
  • The Treasures
  • The Tremor
  • The Triumph Of Our Lord
  • The Two Hearts Devotion
  • The Vine I Had Planted In The Past Will Give Its Fruit For My Glory
  • The Walls Of My Sanctuary Will Be Rebuilt
  • The Way To Me Is Narrow And Difficult
  • The Woman Adorned With The Sun
  • The World Does Not Listen To Our Two Hearts
    Listen To Your Father
  • The World Is Ungrateful To Love
  • The World Will Spit On You
    Message For Scandinavia
  • Their Cities Are Empty With Emptiness
    Beware Of False Prophets
    What Could I Have Done For All Of You That I Have Not Done?
    Our Perfect Union
    The Islands Will Tremble On My
  • Their Prudence Becomes Imprudence
  • There Are Countless Souls Out There In The World Who Are Dying
  • There Is A Big Price To Pay For Peace
  • There Is A Conspiracy Among The Shepherds
  • There Is A Division In My Church, Like Cain And Abel
  • These Are The Last Days Of My Mercy
    My Cross Will Lead You To Sanctity And Into Your Room In Heaven
  • These are the Times that your thoughtless generation needed food from above
  • They Are Crucifying Me
  • They Are Not Listening To Our Two Hearts
    Love Has No Limits
    The Second Eve
    Weep For Your Brothers And Your Sisters
  • They Have Sworn To Surge Over You
  • They Left Me Maimed In Their Battle
  • They No Longer Count The Fruits Of Our Hearts
  • They Pierced The Hands That Created Them
    Come And Draw From Jesus\' Sacred Heart
    Come And Adore Him
  • They read the Scriptures with unseeing eyes
  • They Rip My Traditions To Install Frills And Human Doctrines
    Tell Them That The God They Have Forgotten Has Never Forgotten Them
  • They Tread Upon My Spirit
  • This Apostasy Beggared You
  • This Gift Is Now Given To You
  • This Hymn of Love given to you all will lead everyone to repentance
  • This Inexhaustible Treasure
  • This Is How You Must Bless
  • This Is My Battle
  • This is My last warning
  • This Is The Way I Forgive
  • This Message that will become wider than the sea is a gift from Wisdom
  • This Special Grace... Will Come To Its End
    Scriptures Never Lie
  • Those That Fail Me Shall Be Replaced
    Pray, Pray, Pray, This Is My Recommendation
  • Those That Oppose Peter Are Opposing My Church
    Bend To Unite
  • Those That Rebel Against My Divinity Will Be Destroyed
  • Those Who Seek Me Eagerly Shall Find Me
  • Those Who Waged War On The Cross
  • Through Your Nothingness I Have Revealed My Greatness
  • Through Your Weakness I Will Bring Forth Unity
  • TLIG Message from July 11, 1987
  • To Be Converted Is To Desire To Be With God
  • To Believe Is Also A Grace
  • To Conceal My Voice Is A Mortal Sin - My Servants Are Formed From My Words
  • To Embrace Me Is To Embrace My Cross
  • To Have Faith Is Also A Grace
  • To Keep You Alive I Have Offered You To Eat My Body And Drink My Blood
  • To Love Is To Do The Will Of God
  • To Love Me Glorifies Me And Purifies You
  • To Taste My Banquet Is To Taste Me Your God
  • To Unite You Must All Bend
  • To Unite, You Must All Bend
  • To You In Turn My Cup I Will Pass
    Yahweh Asks Them To Seek His Face Now And Then
  • Today A Child Is Born
  • Today You Have Crowned Me With Glory
    Remain Faithful, The Times Are So Evil
  • Today, Rome, Your Soul Has Turned Into The Beast\'s Reflection
    The New Heavens And The New Earth
  • Today, The Holy Spirit Of Grace Is Indeed The Keystone
  • Today, The Use Of Child Murdering Initiations Are Multiplying
  • Treason And Lack Of Faith Covers More And More The Church
  • Treason Has Entered In My Sanctuary
    Stay Awake
  • Treasures Of My Sacred Heart
    Bear Fruit In Holiness
  • Treat Your Natural Desires Of The Flesh Hard
    The World Has Exchanged My Divinity For A Worthless Imitation
  • Tremendous Amendments Are Required Now
  • Tremendous Reparations Have To Be Done
    I Will Confirm My Apparitions Of Garabandal
  • True Life in God is My Message
  • True Shepherds
  • True Theology, That Is The Contemplation To Me Your God
    How To Discern The Spirits
  • Trust Me, stand your ground and hope in Me; you are not alone
  • Turin - Dame Du Rosaire
  • Turin And The Holy Shroud
    Be My Victim Of Love
  • Twelve Beatitudes
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