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Alphabetical Listing


  • Sacrifice
  • Sacrifice And Be Loyal
  • Sacrifice, Meditate And Fast
  • Saint Paul\'s Message
  • Sanctify Your Lives
  • Sanctity Does Not Come In A Day
  • Satan Has Covered The Entire Earth With His Smoke
  • Satan Offered Russia The Deadly Fruit
  • Scatter My Grains
  • Science
  • Scriptures Are A Mirror That Reflect Me
  • Seclusion Will Develop You Mystically
  • See How My Passion For Mankind Reduced Me To?
    I Have Already Taken One Step In Her, (russia)
  • Seed Of Mine, I Am Your Abba
  • Seek Only Your Creator's Approval
  • September 23, 2005
  • Set Our Two Hearts Like A Seal On Your Heart
    Let Your Heart Be Like A Garden
  • Share My Cross By Loving Me
  • Share My Cross
    Obedience Turns The Devil Helpless
  • Sharing The Cross
  • Shed Your Tears Not On Me
  • Show My Inexhaustible Treasure To Every Nation
  • Silence Is The Best Weapon After Prayer
    Russia Shall Openly Hold My Name Holy
  • Similarly, My Holy Spirit Will Direct You As I Have Directed My Disciples
  • Simplicity And Poverty Infatuates Me
    Love Suffers
  • Sincerity Will Abolish Evil
    For My Sake Will You Learn The Rosary?
  • Sins Obstruct Me
    I Give Freely
  • So Many Souls Are Heading Into The Eternal Fires
  • Souls Are Piercing Me Anew
    Jesus Is Your Guide
  • Souls In Purgatory
  • Souls Under Satan's Power
  • Speak Vassula When I Speak, Be My Lips And Glorify Me
  • Speak! This Is My Command
  • Spiritual Deserts
  • Spiritual Guidance From Jesus
  • Spiritual Unity
  • Spread Our Messages, They Save...
  • St Michael
  • St. John Chrysostom - Christianize This Dechristianized Generation
  • St. Michael\'s Message
  • Stay Silent And In This Silence I Shall Find My Repose
  • Stop Feeling Guilty
  • Suffering Purifies Your Soul
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    Do Not Blame The Proud, Pray For Them


    Open A Broad Highway For Unity, My Friend
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    Vassula Releases New Prophetic Message #16
    The newly published messages are being published on the True Life in God website
    Violence in the Middle East - Comments from Vassula
    We hear today of atrocities in Iraq, enemies of Christians, atrocities done on Christians, beheading children, innocent blood is poured out; so who but Satan wants innocent blood? It is a holocaust - this holocaust was foretold by Jesus!
    Author of "Antichrist and the End Times" to be Featured Presenter and Confessor at USA retreat .
    As Father Joseph Iannuzzi points out in his book, ‘Antichrist and the End Times’, “the evil nations that attempt to remove God from society discover their leadership in the Antichrist whom several Church Doctors identify as a diabolic, male individual.”


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